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Delicate and Irresistible, Lady M Serves Up a Slice of Heaven in Downtown Bellevue

January 26, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Delicate and Irresistible, Lady M Serves Up a Slice of Heaven in Downtown Bellevue

All the way from New York City, Lady M serves up a sweet treat for the Bellevue community, marrying French pastry techniques with Japanese sensibilities creating delicate cakes that are extraordinarily unique. Their first appearance in the Seattle area started as a virtual boutique via a food delivery platform last spring. After seeing the success in the Pacific Northwest, they couldn’t help but return, settling right in the Heart of Bellevue. Ken Romaniszyn, CEO of Lady M, stated Bellevue Square offers an experience that aligns with the values and mission of their company.

“This take-out pop-up boutique provides consumers with the exciting opportunity to bring home Lady M’s signature items off the menu this winter,” he said. “We’re here to give customers the absolute best shopping experience alongside many luxury retailers inside Bellevue Square.”

Lady M has over 40 boutiques worldwide. They set a high bar for cakes everywhere, constructing confections that are handmade and prepared fresh without food additives or preservatives, resulting in delicate cakes that are perfect for all occasions.

“Our recipe has been refined over the years to provide the finest quality in taste and appearance,” Romaniszyn said. “A well-established favorite among the Seattle locals is the Mille Crêpes cakes.”

Their signature Mille Crêpes cake is by far their most popular, featuring no less than 20 paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream that melts in your mouth. As Valentine’s Day creeps in, take a trip soon and look out for their exclusive heart cakes, available between Feb. 11-14. While the time in Bellevue is temporary, Lady M is in the process of finding a permanent location in the Seattle area – more details to come! Stop by their shop before they clear out before Feb. 28.

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