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Discovering a New You in 2022

January 4, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Discovering a New You in 2022
(With the Help of Downtown Bellevue)

Resolutions may be a cliché every new calendar year, but no matter how old it gets, setting goals for yourself is never a bad thing to do. In the Heart of Bellevue, we’re embracing the “new year, new me” mantra with supportive workout programs, self-care ideas and much more. The opportunities are endless, check out our list of favorite places to refresh and recharge in 2022!

Sweat Out The Old You

It’s no shock that gym memberships and capacity reach an all-time high when January 1 comes around. People want to get fit and we’re here to recommend some great places to help you get to where you want to be this year.

  • SoulCycle: Imagine yourself walking into SoulCycle carrying the weight of the day, week, or whole year—and coming out fit, fine and focused. Often described as mind-altering fitness, SoulCycle is all about biking your way to a better you. Sign up for a class or purchase an At-Home Bike to ride in the comfort of your home.
  • TruFusion: When you’re entering TruFusion, you’re not just joining a gym – you’re joining an experience. They believe fitness is not a shape, size, or number but an elevated state of being. From boxing to extreme cardio, TruFusion doesn’t joke around when it comes to finding your strength. Sign up for their membership or buy a class pack. Skeptical? Your first class is always free to try.

A new relaxation regime

For some people, the new year calls for being adventurous, for others, relaxation is a must for 2022. In Downtown Bellevue, there are plenty of spots to give you a chance to breathe and start a new way of living this year.

  • Float Seattle Bellevue: At Float, they’ve put a creative spin on the way you relax. Try float therapy, a non-pharmaceutical option for treating anxiety, stress and chronic pain while connecting deeper than ever before with your truest self. Book an appointment with Float and try something new for the new year!
  • Yuan Spa: Blending the foundations of Asia’s ancient healing philosophies with the West’s modern spa technologies, Yuan Spa delivers the ultimate relaxation feeling you’re craving in the new year. Stop by and try them out or treat yourself to a membership for discounted benefits.

New Year, New 'Do

What better time for a haircut than the new year! Start 2022 off looking stylish with the help of a few barbershops and hair salons in the Downtown area.

  • Joe Bae Salon: Located in charming Old Bellevue, Joe Bae Salon offers a high-quality service for ladies and gents. With their pursuit of excellence in their craft, they expect you to leave with a smile and beautiful hair, the perfect start to a new year.
  • Bishops Cuts / Colors: Bishops gives you a full-on haircut experience like no other. With affordable prices and a full range of cuts, colors, and facial hair grooming, they make sure self-care and hair care are accessible to everyone. Better yet, they're open seven days a week.

Finding fresh air in the new year

Believe it or not, Downtown Bellevue is more than just the high-rise buildings. If you look close enough, you’ll find tons of outdoor activities giving you a nice breath of fresh air for the new year.

  • Bellevue Botanical Garden: Comprised of 53 acres of cultivated gardens, restored woodlands, natural wetlands and wildlife, Bellevue Botanical Garden is a true community gem. Make it your resolution to attend their garden programs and events or plan to walk the entire area throughout the year.
  • Meydenbauer Bay Park: If you’re looking for a nice view, Meydenbauer Bay Park is the place to be. Bellevue’s newest beach park offers a viewing terrace, pedestrian pier and more. Bundle up for the season and take a stroll around to discover new sights in the Heart of Bellevue. Be sure to visit the nearby REI Boathouse when it opens this spring! 

Images courtesy of: Merrill Images Courtesy of Visit Bellevue, TruFusion, Float, Bellevue Lifestyle, Bellevue Botanical Garden

* All images with no mask were taken pre-pandemic.

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