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City of Bellevue Lifts Downtown Curfew

June 4, 2020 - by Bellevue Downtown Association

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City of Bellevue Lifts Downtown Curfew

This message is shared from the City of Bellevue

Mayor Lynne Robinson has terminated an emergency order for overnight curfews for downtown Bellevue through Saturday morning. The city will return to daily risk assessments to determine the need to institute further measures for public safety. No curfew is planned for the night of Thursday, June 4. 

The termination notes the Bellevue Police department has reason to believe the previously considered imminent threat of destructive public disturbances in Bellevue has changed in nature and no longer necessitates the use of curfew as an extraordinary measure to protect public safety. 

Police caution that information is changing rapidly. They will make frequent assessments for the continued safety of the community and may again need to use curfews as a tool for safety if intelligence dictates an increased risk of public disturbances in Bellevue. Businesses are still advised to take precautionary measures to secure valuables and entry points to establishments while there is continued civil unrest in the region. 

A civil emergency is in effect for Bellevue, as declared by the mayor on Sunday, May 31. A further civil emergency order also remains in place related to prohibited items. The order prohibits possession of weapons, with the exception of firearms, with intent to cause harm downtown and in other commercial areas in Bellevue (map). The order limits the discharge of firearms in these areas, consistent with the constitutional right to defend oneself or others.

The National Guard is still present in Bellevue and Bellevue Police continue to work with regional partners to ensure agencies are able to support each other as needed during this time. In addition, state police chiefs are sharing information to ensure they are working with the latest collective information to make public safety decisions.