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Behind the Screens of Gaming: A Talk with Bungie

February 23, 2021 - by Kensey Wentworth

Category Downtown Talks

Behind the Screens with Bungie

A look at Bellevue’s gaming industry with Bungie COO Patrick O’Kelley 

Known best for producing the renowned Halo and Destiny franchises, gaming studio Bungie has built a reputation for creativity and different thinking. COO Patrick O’Kelley will share his company’s origin story, his predictions for Bellevue’s groundbreaking gaming industry, and why they’re making big investments in Downtown for the future. 

Guest Speaker:

Patrick O'Kelley  |  Chief Operating Officer, Bungie

A former Princeton University lecturer turned gaming exec, Patrick O’Kelley has spent the past twenty two years in the pacific northwest – first working for Amazon and Microsoft before joining the Bungie team in 2008. Today, he’s Bungie’s Chief Operating Officer, where he’s been leading the company’s pandemic response and charting the course for their growth here in Bellevue.


Patrick Bannon  |  President, Bellevue Downtown Association

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