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FogRose Atelier Makes a Sweet Comeback to Downtown Bellevue

February 7, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

FogRose Atelier Makes a Sweet Comeback to Downtown Bellevue

After closing their dining room for 20 months, FogRose Atelier fully reopened last November. The dessert eatery had its start as a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in 2018, and within a year developed Bellevue’s first dessert-forward restaurant. After the first few months of success, owner Quyen Dang was exhilarated to see her hard work pay off. She geared up for a new Afternoon Tea program in 2020, but the pandemic caused a business detour.

“We knew closing was the right thing to do but it was a heartbreaking moment for us,” Dang said. 

While FogRose Atelier’s dining room remained closed, Dang came back months later and reassembled her team, keeping busy with cake orders, take-out menus and limited patio dining.

“We did our best to put out products that will help people remember us,” Dang said. 

With a chance to be back in full swing, Dang took the opportunity to incorporate everything she couldn’t do 20 months ago. FogRose Atelier revived their Afternoon Tea program, serving an array of tea and delicate desserts. For those who still feel wary about dining in person, they also offer an Afternoon Tea kit to enjoy at home.

“It’s amazing to see it finally happen after such a long wait,” Dang said. “We're now able to execute it in a way that positively represents our brand and team.”

In addition to the new program, FogRose Atelier is presenting a craft cocktail bar to the community, offering exceptional drinks like Secret Door and Mill’s Gibson. Dang is excited to see how the combination of desserts and cocktails plays out. They currently have seven specialty drinks with more on the way.

"We want our bar program to complement our food program and at the same time stand out on its own. Hopefully, our bar will have its own following once more and more people discover us."

Dang wanted to open a dessert restaurant ever since she moved to Downtown Bellevue. After practicing civil engineering for 11 years, she made a career change and entered the world of entrepreneurship and hospitality.

“I’ve always loved desserts, I love being able to bring different components together on a plate and create something beautiful,” Dang said. “We're lucky to do what we love and be able to pick up where we left off.”

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FogRose Atelier
10606 NE 2nd St
Bellevue, WA 98004

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