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For Your Home and Beyond, Find an Infusion of Style at Veritables

August 11, 2020 - by Mona Ghorbani

For Your Home and Beyond, Find an Infusion of Style at Veritables

Whether you’re decorating a new place, sprucing up your home office or simply purchasing a housewarming gift, Veritables is a one-stop shop to journey through different home interior, design and art styles – and it’s tucked away right in the Heart of Bellevue.

The name and word Veritables is derived from the Latin word veritas which means truth. One of the more obscure meanings of veritables is true goods. That’s a fitting description, as the store is full of curated wares, and the team behind it offer personalized and unique design services. 

“Veritables is about being authentic and offering the best quality for the best price,” said Marie Harris, owner of Veritables.

Harris opened her first store in 1993 in Seattle’s Madison Valley. With much success at her Seattle location and a ton of loyal Bellevue customers, she opened the Old Bellevue location in 2008, bringing to the Eastside a unique way of home interior and furniture shopping. Eventually, she closed her Seattle location to focus exclusively on Bellevue.

Veritables is now a well-established shop in Old Bellevue, showcasing Harris’s style and variety of offerings. The store has an expansive collection of décor items, lamps, furniture and other interior products. It’s also a great place to snag a housewarming gift or an accessory for your own space.
With so much to choose from, Harris takes pride in the cleaning measures to ensure the safety of every client that walks through her doors. Everything that gets touched, gets cleaned. 

 “There's never any time where we're not conscientious about customer safety,” Harris said.

The one-of-a-kind shop also doubles as a full-service interior design firm. Harris and her team love to help customers infuse modern, traditional and contemporary styles – customers have access to custom services and designers who are eager to jazz your space with their expertise.

Now that we’re all spending more time at home, Veritables is a perfect destination to spruce up your own space. Next time you’re in Old Bellevue, make sure you stop by the shop – you never know what you’ll find, or what room you’ll be redecorating next.

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