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Frivolous Studios & Bellevue Barber Shop: Keeping You Safe and Looking Fresh

September 22, 2020 - by Mona Ghorbani

Frivolous Studios & Bellevue Barber Shop: Keeping You Safe and Looking Fresh

When you’re needing a new ‘do for the new you, Downtown has plenty of options – the Heart of Bellevue has long been known as a hot-spot for expert salons and classic barber shops. While the pandemic threw and wrench in everyone’s hair routine, salons have reopened safely (and for many, thankfully). We talked with two of Bellevue’s favorite hair-care proprietors to see what’s new, how they’re keeping you safe, and why they’re so excited to see customers in their shops again.

Frivolous Studios

This upbeat and lively boutique salon has been centered in the Heart of Bellevue for the past 16 years. The salon isn’t just a place to look your best: customers will feel their best too. Clients enjoy a vast array of refreshments and pastries and can browse the salon’s small boutique too, stocked with accessories and beauty/hair products. Michaela Hacker, Owner and Hairdresser at Frivolous, has been in the hair game for the past 38 years and couldn’t be more proud to be located in Bellevue. 

“It’s a great place for a small business and central for my clients,” Hacker said. 

The heavy impact of COVID-19 on the salon continues to linger despite the return of loyal clients. Rest-assured, the salon is taking the necessary steps to ensure clients feel safe and ready to look and feel your best. In order to enter the building, you need to mask up (all employees are required to as well. Since customers are usually at a salon chair for an extended service, the salon’s stylists are constantly sanitizing before and after each client and changing gowns for extra safety. 

“Our clients are so amazing and appreciate how serious we are taking this,” Hacker said. “We take it seriously for their safety as well as ours.”

Bellevue Barber Shop

In 1947, Ward Russell opened up Bellevue Barbershop on Main street. Little did Russel know that his shop’s legacy in the community would continue as his grandson, Kurt Hester, led the family business. With its classic namesake as any indication, Bellevue Barbershop is an old-school shop. They cut hair dry with clippers, scissors and finish it off with a shave around the neck and ears. If you’re looking for a good cut and some fun talk, you found the right place.

“The shop through the years has been busy,” Hester said. “I have many customers that have been coming my whole career.”

With over 70 years under their belt, Bellevue Barbershop has been through several economic changes, but COVID-19 hit differently. 

“Our business is currently down to 40% of what it was before COVID,” Hester said. “We are trying not to let any of our staff go because we think business will come back, but there is a lot of uncertainty in every business now.”

After being temporarily closed for three months, their return came with a lot of restrictions. Of course, strictly following CDC guidelines, Hester stocked up the barbershop with safety supplies: from new hair capes to smocks, cleaning and disinfecting supplies. Curtains have also been installed between chairs to keep customers safe. Hester has been part of Bellevue Barbershop for the last 36 years and he is positive that they will survive.  

“To continue my grandfather's shop has been my privilege in life, Hester said. “I appreciate everything Bellevue has done for me and my family.”

It takes time to build trust - especially when it comes to our hair. But the staff behind Bellevue’s salons and barber shops are working hard to keep you safe and comfortable, while of course looking your best. The next time you need a new look or a fresh cut, support your local experts.

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