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From Novice To Die-Hard Biker, Gregg's Cycle Welcomes All

December 29, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

From Novice To Die-Hard Biker, Gregg's Cycle Welcomes All

At Gregg's Cycle, they believe that bikes make the world better. Driven by the idea that something as simple as a bike can help you escape into the wilderness, explore a city or bring families together, owner Stan Gregg enthusiastically opened a bike shop in Bellevue under the name Gregg’s Cycle.

The local business first made its appearance in 1932 in Greenlake, bringing in both first-time riders and die-hard cyclers. When the Greater Seattle area began drawing more people in, they knew it was time to expand. In 1984, Gregg’s Cycle introduced itself to Downtown Bellevue, serving the growing number of cyclists on the Eastside. Today, they are the only dedicated bicycle shop in Downtown Bellevue.

Marty Pluth, general manager at Gregg’s Cycle Bellevue, wants people to know that their business is more than just selling bikes. Their goal and mission is to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, regardless of biking knowledge.

“Many years ago, I walked into a big box store and saw all these flat panel TVs on the wall," Pluth said. "I was overwhelmed by it because I didn’t know much about the product being sold. When someone walks into Gregg’s, we don’t want anyone to feel intimidated. We want our customers to know they can come into the store and feel like they can ask for help.”

Gregg's Cycle is equipped with highly trained staff in a multifaceted workspace. While selling bikes is a big part of the job, they also offer fittings and repairs, accessories and trail recommendations. Whether you’re looking for a helmet and cycling shoes or need to tighten and adjust a few parts, they have you covered at any of the three locations.

“We’re a full-service business that will do just about everything to help you find a solution for your cycling needs. We hope to do even more with the community when the pandemic subsides,” Pluth said.

Before the pandemic, Gregg’s Cycle sponsored several bike events where local cyclists could join and ride for a good cause. While the pandemic caused an abrupt stop with events, Gregg’s found ways to continue being part of the community. One of their programs, Grow With Gregg'shelps families keep up with growing children. They host a buy-back offer where parents can return an old bike purchased at Gregg’s for a discounted new bike that fits their child better.

It’s no surprise Gregg’s Cycle was chosen America’s Best Bike Shops by the National Bicycle Dealers Association in 2021. If you need information on the latest cycling technology, directions to a scenic trail, how to dress for a ride, or just curious about biking, the staff at Gregg’s is ready with answers and advice.

“Our biggest emphasis is providing great customer service," Pluth said. "We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable, it’s part of the job and always will be.”

Images courtesy of: Gregg's Cycle & Michael Burns

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