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Easy & Affordable Ideas to Bring Joy & Reduce Waste this Holiday!

December 18, 2017 - by Emma Sullivan

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Easy & Affordable Ideas to Bring Joy & Reduce Waste this Holiday! 

The holiday season can sometimes be overtaken by the spirit of consumerism, even when we try to focus on the spirit of giving. Here are some easy and affordable ideas to bring joy while reducing waste this holiday season! 

Give Green! 

  • Concert or movie tickets are a great way to gift 'time off from the kids.' 
  • Create date cards for you and your partner - you'll remember the experiences years in the future. 
  • A great home cooked meal will warm the heart and the tummy! 





Decorate Eco-tastically

  • Go traditional and decorate your tree with popcorn strands! (Then just compost afterwards). 
  • Old CDs are a great way to make new ornaments
  • Salt dough ornaments will memorialize special moments in life. Save your baby (or fur-baby)'s footprint ... or get more creative! 
  • Decorate with LED lights. These are more energy efficient and will save you on your winter electric bill! 



Entertain This

  • Short on serving plates or glasses? Shop second hand! You won't believe the amount of quality products you can find at thrift stores. (You'll save money too) 
  • Create a natural centerpiece. Greenery cut from your backyard paired with cranberries, popcorn, fruits and nuts can make the perfect centerpiece! 
  • Box up all your leftovers - you'll save yourself from packing lunch and won't waste the extra food you have left over from your sumptuous holiday meal. 
  • Buy seasonal and buy local. Buying fruits/veggies that are in season and are grown locally means that you'll cut down on the amount of fuel used to supply your meal. 


Wrap it Up 

  • Old newspaper is a fantastic way to wrap your presents. Bonus, you'll be extra ~trendy~ and your teenage niece will think you're the coolest gift-er around. 
  • Trader Joe's bags (or any other paper grocery bag) are great gift-wraps. The cute patterns and stiff paper are the perfect recycled gift-wrap! 






Recycle the Holidays

  • Recycle your wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper can be recycled in your home bins as long as you remove the big pieces such as ribbons and bows (consider saving and reusing those!)
  • Recycle your gadgets. Someone get a new iPhone X this year? Recycle your old phone (or other electronic device) at a Take it Back Network location. Larger items such as computers and TVs can be recycled for free at E-Cycle Washington locations. 
  • Recycle your tree. You'll give it new life as wood chips or compost. 



Get in the Know 

  • The King County website is a great resource for learning more about 'going green' this holiday season. 

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