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He(ART) of Bellevue: Angie Heinrich

August 12, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

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He(ART) of Bellevue Artist:
Angie Heinrich
Mosaic Artist Draws Inspiration From Moroccan Designs

Angie Heinrich, the owner of Zetamari Mosaic Artworks, has been creating mosaics in Seattle since 1998. Drawing inspiration from Moroccan art and architecture, Heinrich combines similar texture, color and meaning in her own art.

“There’s something magical about mosaic when it offers a detailed and holistic view simultaneously,” Heinrich said.

She describes mosaic as a medium effective for illustrating how shaped pieces can unite with other tesserae. Her passion for the art form led her to study in Italy, Spain and the United States.

“My journey with this art form is intensely spiritual as I strive to express an interconnected world where seemingly small and inconsequential experiences affect the whole,” she said.

She now creates mosaics for private collections, galleries and public spaces. In between making her own art,Heinrich teaches a mosaic class to allow others to experience the joy too! You can see Heinrich and her mosaic art in person at the Bellevue Downtown Arts Market, Sept. 4-6.
Read on for our Q&A with Angie Heinrich:

BDA: What type of art do you create?

AH.: Functional glass mosaic artwork.

Q: How long have you been practicing your type of art?

AH.: I have been creating in this medium for over 20 years.

BDA: Where did you learn or develop your technique?

AH.: I studied with masters in Italy and the U.S. early in my career. However, I have spent many years developing my own techniques and processes. I definitely have my 10,000 hours in!

BDA: Can you explain to me a little bit more about how you draw from Moroccan art to incorporate it into your own art?

AH.: I love the soothing rhythms of Moroccan art. I find the repetitive patterns and symmetry to be meditative and beautiful.

AH: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you and your artwork?

BDA: The pandemic has been very interesting. I have spent more time in my studio dreaming about new designs and creating a lot of work. I have also spent a lot of time creating custom pieces for clients wanting to enhance their homes.

BDA: What is your latest project?

AH: Right now, I am working on a mandala series that I'm very excited about.

BDA: Where can people learn more/purchase your art?

AH: You can find my art on my website.

BDA: Anything else you'd like to share with the Bellevue community?

AH: Feel free to email me if you have any questions about my art! I look forward to hearing and seeing everyone at the arts market.

Started in 2020, this blog is part of our He(ART) of Bellevue blog series. Each week leading up to the Bellevue Downtown Arts Market, we'll feature a participating local artist and their story. Support all artists who will be attending this year's in-person arts market by browsing their artwork and portfolios.