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International Ballet Academy Celebrates 20th Anniversary Season

October 20, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

International Ballet Academy Celebrates 20th Anniversary Season

The International Ballet Academy is proud to celebrate 20 years of dance education and community outreach. Over the past two decades, the Academy has championed dance with the aim to create a brighter future for dancers of all ages and widen access to explore the incredible medium. Artistic Director Vera Altunina said the Academy and Meydenbauer Center Theatre have maintained focus on keeping traditional ballet thriving in the modern world.

“Our Academy has become a beacon of art in the community. Combined with our fantastic production based on traditional choreography and contemporary dance styles, the world of dance has never been more accessible for the Eastside,” she said.

In honor of their 20th Anniversary Season, they are offering the gift of dance to the Bellevue community. Through the month of October, the Academy is offering their youngest dancers, from 20 months to three years old, the opportunity to participate in their ‘Dance With Me’ lessons. This class is taught every Saturday at 10 a.m. and can be scheduled with their front office via email or phone.

Complimentary classes continue into November with lessons in their Preparatory Program for dancers ages nine to 16 years old. Details for these courses will be available at a later date.

“It’s a perfect introduction to dance and music for children,” Altunina said. “Every month we will highlight one of our programs and continue to offer the dance classes to those wanting to explore their inner artist.”

Altunina states the foundation of the Academy has always focused on an artistic journey, a goal that remains unchanged but continues to evolve with the modern world.

“Our plans will continue to emphasize the classic and historical styles of dancem but will also provide an ever-evolving curriculum with modern, jazz, contemporary, flamenco and more. The world of dance is expansive, and while ballet is part of that world, we welcome the art of dance in all its forms,” she said.

For more information on their full curriculum, visit their website to learn more.

Images courtesy of: Rex Tranter

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