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J.Hilburn: A Custom Experience for the Well-Dressed Man

January 27, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

J.Hilburn: A Custom Experience for the Well-Dressed Man

For any gent with a love of style, slipping into that perfect-fitting t-shirt can be just as rewarding as placing the final knot on a suit and tie. That’s very much the ethos of J.Hilburn: from everyday to that special occasion, all you need are a few perfectly-fitting essentials to round out your wardrobe and set your day off in style. If that sounds like you (or a guy you know), then add the company’s Heart of Bellevue studio to your shopping list.

Located right on Main Street, J.Hilburn provides a refined shopping experience that feels more like a chat with a friend than a trip to the store. Guests work by appointment with a dedicated stylist who helps you put together an array of items suited just to your needs. Whether that’s a few new sweaters or a full setup for returning to the office, you can shop in a relaxed environment with a dedicated and expertly-trained guide.

While the experience is anything but stressful, trying to choose what you’ll want to go home with is a different story. That’s because J.Hilburn sources some of the finest fabrics from around the world, meaning each piece feels like a work of art. And here’s the kicker: the biggest difference between a trip to the mall and an appointment at J.Hilburn is that every piece is custom fitted just for you, without the unnecessary markups and hassle.

After you’ve selected styles that caught your eye, your stylist will comfortably take measurements and do a few tricks to ensure your pieces are perfectly tailored. Forget hours in the dressing room while you try to find the right size and sort the difference between “classic” and “casual” fits – instead, your stylist will get a sense of how you like to look and ensure each piece perfectly fits that vision.

According to Annette Dresser, that’s the secret sauce to J.Hilburn’s loyal following. As the company’s Executive Partner here in Bellevue, Dresser works with guests (and many regular clients) to help build their wardrobes.

“We know this: men don’t like to shop, but they like to look good,” Dresser says. “Men also want the best product for their money. That’s what we do. We make a man look his best without having to shop and while saving him money and time.”

Born and raised in Seattle, Dresser considers herself fortunate to have discovered her passion early in life as she grew her expertise in the fashion industry. She took an opportunity after college at Nordstrom, working her way up as she learned new skills and honed her style. Throughout her career, Dresser worked as a buyer, store manager, and became a Vice President at Nordstrom, where she opened stores across the country and traveled throughout fashion hotspots in the world. She attributes these experiences to crafting her love for classic, high-quality items that never go out of style – or as she’d put it, “THE J.Hilburn lifestyle brand.”

“Shopping is a creative hunt and I like to be an influencer with new trends,” Dresser says. “It’s part of my DNA.”

Regardless if shopping is part of your DNA, J.Hilburn offers a unique take on men's furnishings right in the Heart of Bellevue. While the pandemic has upended most of our daily routines, the appointment-based shopping experience naturally provides a socially-distanced setting, with virtual fittings also available. Dresser and her team see only one client at a time while added safety and sanitation measures keep items clean. Plus, J.Hilburn has expanded their collection of casual, work-from-home styles - perfect for the many folks working from kitchen tables instead of conference rooms.

If you’re itching for something new, experience the simplified perfection of tailor-made clothing - check out J.Hilburn’s studio and get an appointment with Dresser or her team on the books. 

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