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Meet IVitality, the Forefront of IV Therapy in Downtown Bellevue

December 7, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

Meet IVitality, the Forefront of IV Therapy in Downtown Bellevue

Ivitality Bellevue's team (left to right: Bryan Howard, Anna Suffern, Mika Polintan-Carreon)

If you’ve ever walked by the TEN20 building in Downtown Bellevue, you may have seen IVitality. This ground-floor wellness center is one of the city’s newest businesses this year. Owned and operated by Kaylene McDonald and Dr. Brenden Witte, they recently expanded from Issaquah to a second location in Downtown Bellevue after purchasing Northwest Cryotherapy Institute’s old site in August.

“Working high-stressed jobs can heavily affect your mental and physical health,” McDonald said. “Expanding to Downtown Bellevue wasn’t just luck, we thought the community needed a premier wellness experience, and we’re the people who can offer that.”

McDonald said IVitality provides holistic approaches to optimize how the body function. While IVitality provides commonly known approaches like cryotherapy, nutrient shots, and infrared saunas, their contribution to the popularization of IV therapy services sets them apart from other wellness centers and spas in the area. According to IVitality, IV therapy is one of the most efficient ways for your body to absorb vitamins and other nutrients. By bypassing the digestive system altogether, the body can use these nutrients immediately versus waiting for a pill to break down and be absorbed. IVitality’s head nurse Anna Suffern spent years as a trauma-certified registered nurse until she saw how well IV therapy worked for her sister. During her time as an ER nurse, Suffern said she saw all the benefits of Western medicine but always felt like there was a huge gap.

In action shot of staff and nurse at IVitality

“My sister’s autoimmune disease would result in her constantly winding up in the hospital getting prodded and poked,” Suffern said. “It wasn’t until we found a wellness center like IVitality that she could get all her natural nutrients and vitamins in one place. Seeing my loved ones benefit from IV therapy felt like a calling for me to join the cause.”

IVitality emphasizes that their dosages, nutrient combinations, and protocols are written and closely monitored by their medical team and are only administered by licensed medical professionals. They offer 15 different IV therapies tailored to help with common areas of concern, like stress, hydration, soreness, and more. You can find the complete list here.

“After nearly three years of being in the pandemic, I’ve seen people become more attuned with their bodies. We’re in a stage where we’re trying to put our health and wellness back into our own hands,” Suffern said. “I think a facility like IVitality is great because people can be more involved in what’s going in their bodies in a less stressful environment.”

For those interested, IVitality offers single sessions, recovery packages, and a full membership that allows access to all their services. You can find more information on their website.

“At the end of the day, I want to meet people where they’re at and help them feel better in their own bodies,” McDonald said. “IVitality is our way of showing people we care about their health and wellness too.”

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