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Al Fresco Friday: Monsoon Bellevue

June 18, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Al Fresco Friday: Monsoon
Where PNW meets Vietnamese Family Recipes

With endurance and hard work, Monsoon Bellevue opened their doors 11 years ago and has continued to deliver authentic Vietnamese dishes using local and fresh ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Vietnamese food is intended to be shared with everyone. Monsoon uses family recipes from back in Saigon and finds inspiration from the region to elevate their dishes. 

For a true, unique Saigon experience, we recommend the weekend Dim Sum Brunch. Even better, enjoy it outside this summer during our citywide Al Fresco dining program! See below for our handpicked favorites on their menu. 

Restaurant: Monsoon 
Weekend Brunch: Saturday & Sunday, 11:30am - 3pm

Dim Sum Brunch: 

  • Pork buns | $7 
    Soft steamed barbeque pork buns will leave you waiting for next weekend's brunch! 
  • Catfish clay pot | $19
    Praised amongst Monsoon regulars, this dish has caramelized crispy Idaho catfish with fresh coconut juice and a green onion garnish. 
  • Drunken chicken | $16
    Often described as both juicy and crispy, this Washington-grown chicken with yu choy, and sesame is a perfect companion with white rice! 
  • Shrimp Dumplings | $7
    Shrimp dumplings are a must-have fan favorite! A steamed dumpling with a shrimp center-- you might want to order more to-go! 

Brunch Drinks: 

  • Mimosa | $8
    You can never go wrong with a sweet and delicious mimosa. With flavors like orange, grapefruit, and pomegranate, it will always pair well with the summertime weather.
  • French pearl | $12
    A delicious mixture of vodka, lillet, elderflower, lemon, and basil seed that will leave you wanting more. 


  • Banana cake | $8.5 
    What’s a better way to end your brunch than with a fluffy banana cake drizzled in savory coconut sauce! Say yes to something sweet, you won’t regret it. 


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