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PNW Mobile Spa: A Personal Oasis Brought to Your Backyard

May 17, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

PNW Mobile Spa: A Personal Oasis Brought to Your Backyard

With a global health crisis set in motion and chronic stress and fatigue on the rise, mobile hot tub therapy sounded like a natural solution to Justin Brooks and Ana Hernandez. The husband-and-wife duo combined Ana's background in transportation and customer service, and Justin's specialty in aeronautics and engineering to launch an original business when least expected. In January 2021, PNW Mobile Spa was born. 

A self-proclaimed hot tub enthusiast, Ana hatched the idea after hearing her friends’ frustration with traditional sites of rejuvenation like spa resorts and lounges, where capacity restrictions, time limits, and mask mandates work against reaching total bliss. 

After pitching the concept for a portable kind of rest and relaxation, Justin spared no time developing a proprietary technology that would heat mass volumes of water in a short timeframe. 

From the first blueprints, Ana and Justin were serious about offsetting their carbon footprint and ensuring eco-friendly disposal with low chlorine content and no harsh chemicals. Ultimately, they aim to partner with global organizations that provide clean drinking water or other water filtration systems. 

Like most ill-fated boat fantasies, it’s no secret people also have mixed emotions about owning a hot tub - dealing with maintenance, damages and other expenses. For those folks, PNW Mobile Spa provides an alternative to ownership with limited rentals that span 48 hours to an entire week.

“In theory, anyone can do what our company does, anyone can haul a spa to your house,” Justin explained. “But what our business allows is an efficient installation and removal that beats any hassle or inconvenience for the customer.” 

Through sheer speed and ingenuity, Ana and Justin have managed to distill delivery and set-up into a quick half-hour process that “satisfies our instant gratification” itch, as Justin pointed out. 

“We’ve seen little kids in swimsuits eagerly watching us through the window while we gear everything up,” Justin said. “It’s been something new and exciting people can look forward to during such an unusual time.” 

Since its launch in January, word about the new luxury delivery service spread quickly and brought more employees on board and boots on the ground to compete with the demand.  

“In our first phase, we started off with four hot tubs, which have now multiplied to 12 plus sold-out weekend reservations,” Ana and Justin said. 

Surprise birthday parties, small neighborhood soirées and family gatherings are among the most popular functions with the crowd-favorite Basic package and The Social package for larger groups, complete with a naturally finished wood perimeter and rinsing station.

A testament to its affordable and accessible ethos, the couple has also dabbled in vacation rentals with one Airbnb property on a river in Index, Washington. As Justin explained, partnerships with short-term tourist lodging bode well for the owners, who can advertise luxury amenities like an outfitted hot tub with the security and assurance of liability waivers that only ratchets up the incentive. 

Neighborhoods around the Puget Sound are booking these hot commodities left and right, but the West Seattle-based enterprise has its sights set on expansion throughout the state, eventually reaching customers from Spokane, Washington to Portland, Oregon. 

“We just coordinated our first reservation with a client out in Whidbey Island over the weekend,” Ana noted.  

Each step toward fulfilling their idyllic vision has also revealed more variables to consider, like expedited delivery, extra vehicles and hands on deck to handle the diverse Washington terrain. Although, increasing scale and scope would also mean providing employment to those currently out of work, which both Ana and Justin cited as an encouraging byproduct and fundamental step toward inviting more growth. 

Specially rigged hot tubs for smaller backyards or compatible with other niche environments are two examples of an experimental package that goes off the grid, an idea Justin explained as “hot tubs that can be remotely configured anywhere, maybe out on the beach, or next to a scenic viewpoint.” 

Hydrotherapy and aromatic spa crystals are just several other intriguing markets that pose great promise. 

One regular mobile spa customer, an elderly woman with chronic back pain, enjoys a weekend reprieve in a hot tub her husband reserves for palliative care. 

“From a medical standpoint, hydrotherapy can be incredibly helpful for patients like her,” Ana and Justin said. “And a mobile spa treatment removes some of the burden with medical expenses and hospital visits.” 

While demand may decrease as life gradually resembles a former normalcy, Ana and Justin are confident the allure won’t disappear with the virus.  

“Hot tubs have been around forever, and as long as people still romanticize the experience, the appeal will still be there,” Ana explained.  

For those interested in a hot tub ownership trial run, PNW Mobile Spa rolled out monthly rentals, and returning customers can maximize their next hot tub hiatus with a 15% discount.

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