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One Year Later, House of Hebe Salon Celebrates First Anniversary

January 10, 2022 - by Sandy Vo

One Year Later, House of Hebe Salon Celebrates First Anniversary

In January of 2021, House of Hebe Salon took a leap of faith and opened its doors in Downtown Bellevue during the pandemic. This month, they’re celebrating their first anniversary.

Owners Gabriel Walton, Aleeta Hinton and Chrissy Smith brought a fresh new salon to the city, taking inspiration from the famous Gucci Garden in Florence, Italy. The salon showcases beautiful mismatched decorative wallpapers, quirky decorations and bright green and pink colors throughout the salon, bringing a vibrant energy to the city.

“My favorite part about the opening is just having clients come in and talk about how happy there are with our space and how beautiful it is,” Walton said. “It’s always a cool thing when you have a thought and you can turn that thought into reality.”

In the last year, while the pandemic is still top of mind, ensuring great customer service has always been their main focus. The salon consistently strives to bring high-quality work and a comfortable atmosphere for clients.

“We want to accommodate everyone,” Walton said. “Even when it comes to the little things like tweaking a hair color or serving up beverages during their appointment, we want to set the bar high for our clients.”

Since opening, House of Hebe has been busy working with regular and new clients, mandating COVID-19 regulations and celebrating milestones. Walton is excited to revel in the progress they’ve made but he admits there’s still work that needs to be done.

“We’re always trying to learn, be better and think of ways to do more,” he said. “It comes down to the little things, from the way the front desk handles clients to how we handle parking.”

In the new year, owners Walton, Hinton and Smith will be adjusting and utilizing their space to make their aesthetic cleaner and work better together. Looking farther ahead, they hope to open another location and dabble in a product line.

“We’ve learned a lot this first year from living and working here. Now, we’re focused on refining certain aspects of our salon,” Walton said. “It’s amazing to see what we’ve done but we’re ready to do more and continue exceeding expectations.”

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House of Hebe Salon
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