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Person(s) Behind the Place: Alex Thoman & Travis Lange

June 8, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Person(s) Behind the Place:
Alex Thoman & Travis Lange

The dynamic duo behind TransManage Transportation Services 

Meet the two people behind the TransManage program at the BDA. Alex (pictured left) and Travis (right) lead the charge on a number of widely adopted and accessible transportation solutions around the Eastside region. While these two have plenty of moxie, they are first and foremost dedicated to driving the pulse of transit in the #HeartofBellevue with transformative projects and innovative ideas.

How does TransManage work with Downtown, and what is your role?

Travis: When I first started in 2018, I learned the ropes by reviewing the different programs TransManage conducts, like Bellevue SchoolPool and Choose Your Way Bellevue, and how each connects to the Bellevue workforce, residents and tourists who travel through the area. These initiatives are uniquely designed to provide value to a wide audience, but the core of all our programming lies in Transportation Demand Management (TDM), which reduces strain on the transportation system by encouraging alternatives to driving alone. TDM activities encourage and help facilitate commutes like riding the bus, carpool, vanpool, biking, walking or telework.

Alex: I’ve been working with TransManage for nearly two years. I supervise content creation and help coordinate various programs and contracts. Our mission is to enhance Bellevue's quality of life and economic vitality by improving transportation options and accessibility.

What activities are you most excited to return to in Downtown?

Alex: I’m very excited for large-scale events to return, like the Downtown Arts Market. 

Travis: I’m most excited for live music events to return, including the Jazz and Blues music series and Bellevue Beats concerts. They add another level of buzz to the downtown scene.

Favorite places to dine in Bellevue?

Travis: Toshi’s Teriyaki is my favorite place to grab a bite to eat. My go-to order is always the #7. I’m always greeted with a smile and friendly conversation, I genuinely can't say enough good things about Toshi’s. It's a little hidden gem in Bellevue. 

Alex: Earls Kitchen + Bar is a great spot to sit, munch, and drink with your buddies!

Any lesser-known spots folks should explore?

Alex: Cinemark at Lincoln Square is a pretty fun spot. It's a special treat enjoying a meal and drink while watching a movie, especially since theatres have been closed for over a year.

Travis: One of my favorite parks is Wildwood Park. Sometimes it can be overshadowed by Downtown Park or Maydenbauer Bay Park, however it has a special place in my heart.

Preferred commute?

Alex: Transit.

Travis: Carpool.

Any special projects, promotions, or upcoming events folks should keep an eye out for?

Alex: If you’re interested in free resources to ride transit safely back to work, check out Choose Your Way Bellevue’s Stay Healthy Kit offering. They include face masks, sanitizer, wipes, and more info on Vanpooling or riding public transit during COVID-19. There are only a few left, so claim them while you can!

Travis: Through Choose Your Way Bellevue Employer Services, we actually have two exciting opportunities to share:

  1. Mini-Grants can be used for one-time activities to implement or enhance commuter parking and trip reduction programs that in turn support parking management changes, infrastructure, resources or a promotional campaign. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
  2. Downtown Workplace Parking & Commute Management Pilot - Employers and employees can opt into a 4-6 month trial period that examines how daily commute parking organized around a specified zone or building within Downtown can provide flexibility for those returning to the office as we transition out of the pandemic.


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