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Person Behind the Place: Blaise Bouchand

March 30, 2021 - by BDA Staff

Person Behind the Place:
Blaise Bouchand

Founder, Owner & Interior Designer  |  MAISON DE FRANCE

Good design and great taste define local designer Blaise Bouchand's reputation... he's an active member of the Downtown business and arts community, where he's busy helping shape the vibrancy of Downtown. We caught up with Blaise to learn his take on the Heart of Bellevue:

What do you love about working Downtown?
I love working in Old Bellevue because it is the historic heart of the city, located next to the lung of the city, Downtown Park... Bellevue is a clean, safe and walkable "city in a park," as I refer to its landscape. It has such a vibrant community made possible by enterprising residents and small businesses.

Anything special in the works at MAISON DE FRANCE?
For our annual Bastille Day bonanza, celebrated on Saturday, July 17, 2021, we will offer a 10% discount on all in-stock items advertised in our boutique showroom.

Favorite places to shop?
As much as possible, I shop at any independent, local small business that carries what I am looking for. 

Favorite places to dine?
My favorite places to grab a bite are Bis on Main and FLO. I also enjoy getting drinks at 520 Bar & Grill with friends.

Favorite places to hang out?
It would be an honor to collaborate with more clients, especially those who are interested in European influences, and contribute interior design knowledge that supports homeowners in crafting their ultimate dream home.

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