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Person Behind the Place: David Boynton

June 15, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Person Behind the Place:
David Boynton

Architect, Graphic Designer | Founder, TOPOLITH

Truly a modern-day Renaissance man, David Boynton extends his craftsmanship to an array of construction and passion projects locally and abroad. Lately, his focus has centered on home remodels for clients around the Eastside region, tackling "an enormous tidal wave" of demand from recent WFH adopters looking to improve their home offices and hybrid living conditions. Hear how his company navigated "one of the largest shifts in residential design in decades" along with a few personal referrals for places to visit in the #HeartofBellevue neighborhood.

How would you describe your genre of work? What distinguishes your expertise from others?
I'm the founder of a design firm called Topolith. We're still quite small but we do a lot of different things, from home and retail remodels, architecture photography and rendering, to visualizing unbuilt projects! Our ethos is to make more meaningful and engaging connections to our constructed surroundings. I've been fascinated by our built environment and its relationship to the natural world my whole life. I grew up in the suburbs around Orlando, Florida where the natural landscape has mostly been covered by urban sprawl. But an appreciation for different natural environments - its contrast and close proximity - in the PNW is what brought me here!

What inspired your digital renderings of urban landscapes like Bellevue and Seattle? 
I started the Seattle and Bellevue visualizations because I wanted to see how the skylines would look in a few years. I've enjoyed photographing and creating timelapse graphics from various vantage points to project infrastructure growth. I think it's a fascinating and hopeful thing to see such a large number of projects get approved and launched so quickly. From all the new places to eat, shop and explore, to new residents from diverse backgrounds drawn to our beautiful area, it's great to see cities like Bellevue embrace new construction and strategically develop its Downtown density.

Favorite places to DINE OUT?
Haven't been in quite a while but always love the view from Ascend Prime Steakhouse & Sushi. Also, Monsoon Bellevue has an incredible Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli!

Favorite place to SHOP?
Hedge and Vine for small gifts and other necessities!

Any lesser-known spots folks should explore?
All the waterfront parks are pretty spectacular, especially Clyde Beach Park!

Have you collaborated with any local nonprofits during the pandemic?
I partnered with a few local architecture and design firms to print 3D face shields to send those supplies to local hospitals. Near the beginning of the pandemic, I rounded up some fabric and sewed a bunch of masks on my sewing machine for friends and neighbors when face masks were scarce. Later on I started 3D printing hundreds of 'ear savers' to deliver to hospital workers and other frontline workers who could benefit from a little ear relief. I still print batches of those today!

Follow David on social @boynton.david for the latest on his radar.

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