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Person Behind the Place: Jane Kantor

June 22, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Person Behind the Place:
Jane Kantor

CMP, CTA, Director of Sales | Visit Bellevue

As someone known to live and breathe the Downtown spirit, Jane Kantor offered us some insights into current Visit Bellevue happenings and how the #HeartofBellevue is an ideal place for people to visit.

How would you describe your role and the work your team produces?

At Visit Bellevue Washington, our team focuses on marketing Bellevue at meetings and conventions abroad to entice different organizations to strike up business in Bellevue. Following the onset of the pandemic, my role in convention sales has shifted a bit to include Visitor Experience. In other words, I have the privilege of collaborating with the Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) program to launch our own version called Bellevue Ambassadors. We prepare people to welcome visitors of all stripes and engage with them to create a memorable experience in the Bellevue area. As a place built on inspiration and innovation, giving people an opportunity to experience its marvels firsthand is a gift!

How does Downtown Bellevue stand apart from other metro. areas? 

Nowhere else can you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a Central Business District and be so close to nature. Look carefully a block to your left or right from practically anywhere in the Downtown core and you'll notice some greenery, a place to breathe and recalibrate.

Favorite places to DINE OUT?
Din Tai Fung – no need for explanation when you say dumplings and green beans!

Favorite place to SHOP?
One of the beautiful aspects of Bellevue is that every shop you need can be found conveniently within walking distance. I am always on the prowl for hilarious greeting cards. Just so you know, FedEx has a delightful assortment. Next time you drop off a package, swing by the card carousels and you’ll see what I mean.

Any hidden gems folks should explore?
Hiding in plain sight just outside the Bellevue Library, a beautiful respite for your lunch break, is a full-sized statue of Mahatma Gandhi generously gifted from India.

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