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Person Behind The Place: Janet Lee

November 30, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

Person Behind The Place:
Janet Lee

Franchise Owner | City Sweats

After 17 years working for Starbucks in the Greater Seattle area, Janet Lee took a big step into the health and wellness industry. With the experience she gained in various program management and business operations roles, Lee knew she had a straight path to becoming a business owner. In 2019 after thinking and re-thinking her career, she became a City Sweats franchise owner in Bellevue and West Seattle, a decision that changed her life for the better.

Lee is incredibly proud to be a part of the City Sweats family and witness on a daily basis how life-changing infrared therapy impacts each and every guest. Her mission is to spread the word on the benefits of "sweating it out" and how it can improve lives. Learn more about why Lee believes the health and wellness industry is needed now more than ever, and where she loves to spend time in Downtown Bellevue.

City Sweats mainly focuses on infrared therapy. Can you describe what that is for those who have never heard of it?

Infrared therapy is invisible light therapy that emits heat rays. Infrared penetrates at least four inches beneath the surface of your skin compared to steam or dry saunas where they just heat the air around you which produces a surface sweat. The goal is to help you sweat out any heavy metal, pollutants, bacteria, or germs that are in your body. It’s an immersive experience with tons of health benefits like losing weight, improving sleep quality and, in recent studies, it has been shown to help with neurological issues like dementia.

Do you offer other types of services other than infrared therapy?

Yes, we offer many other services including mechanical lymphatic drainage massage where we use a pumping motion to flush your lymphatic system and get rid of trapped waste and toxins. We also offer infrared sauna wraps for those who feel uncomfortable sitting in a sauna room. Our other services include holistic facials, massage therapy, dry brush, and ultrasonic cavitation - an alternative to liposuction. They all have their own benefits.

Why is the health and wellness industry sought out now more than ever?

Stress isn’t a new thing. People have been struggling with mental illness and health issues before the pandemic, but I think with COVID-19 piled on top of everything else, the intensity of people needing to take care of themselves has increased significantly. My clients come here for anything ranging from relaxation to detoxification. It’s incredible to see someone walk through the doors on day one and see their transformation. I get the pleasure of seeing them change for the better.

How has the pandemic personally affected your business at City Sweats?

With infrared therapy, the whole idea is for people to sweat it out. Our cleaning and sanitation has always been up to the highest standard possible. When the pandemic hit, we added another layer of buffering between appointments to ensure that our clients and staff are protected. I’ve also made sure to check in with staff more frequently to ensure they’re taking care of themselves during these stressful times. It’s important that we’re staying healthy because if we’re taken care of, we can care for others better.

What do you love about working in Downtown Bellevue?

I love being able to see Bellevue diversify and grow. As an Asian-American business owner, it’s nice to see other business owners who look like me. Other businesses in Bellevue have also done so much to support the diversity in the city. Symetra last year had a grant for minority-owned businesses and it helped me during the pandemic. Besides the diversity of people, the diversity of businesses is incredible to see. It’s exciting to see what has changed and what will change in the future.

Any favorite places to dine out in Bellevue?

I love exploring new places to eat, however, my go-to places in Bellevue are actually within walking distance of my spa: Din Tai Fung, Boiling Point, and Thai Kitchen Bird Pepper.

Any hidden gems in Bellevue you'd like to share?

I love bubble tea and I love coffee, so Cafe Aloe is my favorite hidden spot when I’m looking for both. The pastries remind me of what I used to get in Chinatown in Seattle. I recently got the custard buns and they're so cute and delicious. I have a list of items I want to try so you'll definitely see me there.

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