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Person Behind the Place: Joe Vilardi

March 16, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

Person Behind the Place:
Joe Vilardi

Owner  |  Bis on Main

When we think of classic Bellevue dining, no spot stands out more than Bis On Main. We caught up with owner Joe Vilardi to learn a bit more about his take on the Heart of Bellevue and where we might find him outside of the restaurant.

What do you love about working Downtown?
I love the energy and variety of new businesses, the restaurants and meeting some of the people new to the area.

Anything special in the works at Bis on Main?
We are getting back to business as usual (the way it was 13 months ago). We are also getting our new 'sister' restaurant, B Bar Bellevue, open full time and hope to have live piano there several nights a week.

Favorite places to shop?
Nordstrom is, of course, a favorite when I need some new clothes. Siegfried Hartmanns for alterations, Bellevue Way Cleaners, QFC at Bellevue Village is a daily stop, Mephisto Shoes, Crate and Barrel. I also love the gift shop at Bellevue Arts Museum.

Favorite places to dine?
Gilbert's On Main is a favorite for breakfast and lunch, Belle Pastry has great coffee and pastries. I have to admit that I do enjoy eating at Bis and since I work so much, that is where I have most of my meals. B-Bar has great, innovative food by Chef Jako, completely different from what we serve at Bis.

Favorite places to hang out?
I work so much that there isn't alot of hanging out for me. When I do have some free time you'll usually find me at home spending time with my two boys, Jack and Charlie. I spend much of my home time cooking dinner for the boys and we love having friends over.

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