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Person Behind the Place: Kristopher Jenkins

June 29, 2021 - by Kensey Wentworth

Person Behind the Place:
Kristopher Jenkins

General Manager, Resonance Events

After over a year of shutdown, Resonance Events is excited to reopen to the public in a few weeks! General Manager Kristopher Jenkins fills us in on their latest projects, and where you can typically find him the #HeartofBellevue.  

What inspires you? Why do you enjoy working Downtown? 
Growing up, I deeply admired my grandmother… I enjoyed being her assistant in the kitchen and always felt a sense of great accomplishment and joy from contributing to moments that brought the people we loved together. I'm still inspired by the word "together" - maybe even more today than before. It’s what drives me to do what I do. Watching our guests gather to enjoy the communal experience of sharing a moment in time, a drink, and the skillful performance of the night's performers; I can't wait to get back to normal. The best thing about working downtown is the opportunity to connect and partner with so many other fabulous businesses; their leaders and employees. 

What is the latest with a Resonance reopening date?
We re-open our doors to the public on July 16th at 7:30 pm with a performance by our friends The Gothard Sisters. Events will follow weekly throughout the summer with many more to be published to our website very soon. Resonance remains an excellent venue for those seeking to host their own events; live streaming and other similar services now available. 

Any special projects or events coming up? 
In preparation for our re-opening, we recently unveiled our new website, which is the heart of the new Resonance Events experience. The site is designed to meld the character of an events calendar with the best of the best video streaming platform. 

How did Resonance stay busy during the shutdown? 
During the shutdown we made significant improvements to the venue, including: new stage lighting, new staging elements, upgrades to our sound control systems, and the adoption of multi-camera streaming technology with our local partner, Digital Olive Productions. We've connected all those elements to make it possible for guests to attend events in-person or livestream from home.

How was Resonance Events affected by COVID-19? 
COVID-19 almost entirely shuttered our business. We were the first to close our doors and the last to re-open them. The adoption of virtual tools allowed us to produce a handful of live stream concerts - many in collaboration with BDA - but as the grip of the virus worsened last fall, it became increasingly risky to work with others even in small numbers. While the shutdown has impacted our bottom line, we were saddened most to postpone all the student recitals hosted by local music teachers and to be so cut off from our patrons and event clients. I personally want to thank our owner, John Su and Su Development, for maintaining a commitment to keep Resonance Events alive long enough to see us through the end of the shutdown. It's great to work for and with people who value people! 

Favorite places to shop in Bellevue? 
I'm admittedly not much of a shopper. If there's one thing I've enjoyed about working from home, it's the ability to wear shorts and a t-shirt daily. I'm a plant-oholic, however. You can usually find me in the garden center at the Home Depot. I'm also a big fan of any independent nursery, like Bellevue Nursery. 

Favorite places to dine in Bellevue? 
Rice 'n Spice, Monsoon, Carmine's, Broiler Bay Hamburgers, Xiao Chi Jie.

Favorite places to relax in the Downtown area? 
Bellevue Downtown Park, Meydenbauer Bay Park, along the Bellevue Connection, and along the Lake Hills Greenbelt.

Favorite “hidden gem” or lesser-known spot in Downtown? 
Pardon the boast, but... Resonance Events! We'd love for more people to find us. They can check us out on our website.


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