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Person Behind the Place: Lee Smith

April 13, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

Person Behind the Place:
Lee Smith

Founder  |  Urbanity

Lee Smith is a pro at keeping things fresh... whether it's the latest kicks or the newest trends in streetwear, he's known as a friendly face with great style. And that's exactly the energy he's channeled into his shop, Urbanity! We caught up with Lee for his take on the Heart of Bellevue:

What do you love about working Downtown?
I enjoy working Downtown because of the diverse array of customers we get. It's nice to be somewhere that everyone can get to no matter where they live. I also enjoy being in the central hub of the city, so I can walk out of the store and have every option that I could imagine available.

Anything special in the works at Urbanity?
We always have new Jordan and Nike releases pretty much every week. We also just got in a new shipment of Billionaire Boys Club as well!

Favorite places to shop?
Honestly, since I own everything in here I just use it as my personal closet! I'll go over to the Shops at the Bravern from time to time and grab some designer stuff, but mostly I just shop from my own shop.

Favorite places to dine?
I like to grab juices from Pressed Juicery. I have always been a Joey’s fan since college, so that is a go-to for me. I am really excited for STK to open!

Favorite places to hang out?
I really like the Downtown Park. Since we have a puppy now I will definitely be going more often. I also like to go to movies at Lincoln Square (well, pre-pandemic).

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