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Person Behind the Place: Marilyn Zonnefeld

February 23, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

Person Behind the Place:
Marilyn Zonnefeld

Co-Owner | Hedge & Vine

Not many people can claim they're truly from Bellevue these days, but Marilyn Zonnefeld is definitely one of them! This fourth-generation Bellevueite channels her style and local knowledge to curate Hedge & Vine, her ever-popular gift and home destination on Main Street. We caught up with Marilyn to learn her favorite spots around town and what's new at her store...

What do you love about working Downtown?
As a fourth-generation Eastside resident, I’ve had the privilege of watching new growth and development in the area firsthand as I raised my own kids here and launched Hedge & Vine. I consider Bellevue an especially unique space that caters to a family-friendly crowd and also has opportunities for young business professionals and small business owners to stake their claim in the city.Since COVID-19 struck, I’ve been especially grateful to have such terrific, loyal customers who understand the importance of supporting small retailers. Earlier in the pandemic, I remember city officials came down the street to personally check on each of us and ask how we were faring since our stores had taken the brunt of the restrictions.

Anything special going on at Hedge & Vine?

We’re currently offering a 30% discount on select items for our seasonal Spring Cleanup Sale! Check out yummy olive oils and balsamic vinaigrettes, preserved lemons and other nibbles to create your own charcuterie board. As for new arrivals, I just received a shipment of silk pillowcases, lightweight wool scarves, colorful towels imported from Garnier-Thiebaut in France and fresh styles from Barefoot Dreams loungewear.

Favorite places to shop?
Smith & Main, Jarbo and Veritables – she just has a great eye for home décor.

Favorite places to dine?

Practically anything on Main Street! I highly recommend Carmine’s or Bis on Main for a safe and comfortable outdoor dining experience. I always order the in-house ale-battered fish and chips when I visit Paddy Coyne’s Irish Pub around the corner from Bellevue Way. Or, if I have a craving for sushi, I opt for dinner at FLO Japanese Restaurant & Sake Bar.

Favorite places to hang out?

When I can, I like to grab a glass of wine at Mercato Stellina down the street or drop by the bar at Carmine’s for great drinks and conversation. Prior to COVID-19, one of the hidden treasures in town I liked to introduce folks to was Bake’s Place Bar & Bistro, for the live music performances and atmosphere on the outdoor patio.

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