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Person Behind the Place: Matthew Klutznick

May 18, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Person Behind the Place:
Matthew Klutznick

General Manager  |  The Shops at The Bravern

Appointed General Manager of The Shops at The Bravern in May 2016, Matthew Klutznick currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, actively contributes to community transit as a Commissioner on the City of Bellevue Transportation Commission and delves into the unique sights and sounds of Downtown as a stalwart resident. We caught up with Matthew to learn more about his experience, personal recommendations and favorite memories captured in the #HeartofBellevue! 

What do you love about working Downtown?

I can walk to work, scope out all the amenities Downtown Bellevue has to offer, from local restaurants, boutiques and entertainment to the natural foliage found at Downtown and Meydenbauer Bay Park with friends, co-workers and clients. Everyone wants to network and socialize in Downtown Bellevue! 

Has The Bravern launched any collaborations with local nonprofits or made charitable contributions to COVID-19 recovery initiatives?

Earlier in the year, we donated 100% of our annual Fashion Week event ticket proceeds to improve the lives of children through better education and health care.

Have there been any encouraging moments throughout the pandemic that reminded you and your staff to stay positive?

Normally, we organize an annual holiday dinner for our team who manages The Shops at The Bravern, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, we couldn’t go out for dinner this year. Given the amount of time everyone had been spending at home, we decided to purchase a John Howie Butcher Box for each employee, chock-full of steaks, chicken, sausages, signature salts, chocolate chip cookie dough and detailed instructions on how to season, prime and cook each item in the package. The quality of the food was truly worthy of a traditional John Howie entree and our team members were able to go home and share the meal prep and end results with their entire family. It provided gourmet meals and a family activity during a challenging time for all of us stuck at home. I’m not sure we'll ever go out to dinner again!

Where are you most likely to enjoy a little retail therapy in Bellevue? 

The Shops at The Bravern, of course!

Favorite places to dine? 

Peony KitchenJaponessa Sushi Cocina, revamped Chinese street food bings, baos and bowls at Xiao Chi Jie, Hui Lau Shan for delicious handcrafted Hong Kong mango desserts, and Facing East for tasty Taiwanese fare.

Where do you like to relax or hang out in Bellevue? 

La Petite Belle Nail Spa – quaint shop, great location, low prices and extremely friendly staff who wave and say hello when I walk by, even on days I don’t have an appointment booked!

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