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Person Behind the Place: Rachel Jenne

August 31, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Person Behind The Place:
Rachel Jenne

Bellevue Cafe Manager | Anchorhead Coffee Co.

An espresso enthusiast through and through, we caught up with local barista and cafe manager, Rachel Jenne, at Anchorhead Coffee Co. in City Center Plaza for the latest tea on - well, popular tea and coffee creations unique to the popular roastery and coffeehouse. Catch our conversation with Rachel for her personal picks off the menu, thoughts on serving a rapidly shifting #HeartofBellevue and other details fresh off the (french)press!

How does your business stand apart from other specialty coffee shops?

Between our Pacific Northwest-inspired vibe and rotating single-origin coffee each month, our atmosphere and sustainably sourced selection offers a slice of familiarity brewed with the comforts of home.

What are you most looking forward to since reopening after your COVID-19 hiatus?

Greeting familiar faces after over a year apart and welcoming first-time visitors into our space! I've also enjoyed watching the skyline morph into something brand new outside our window - the landscape has gone through a major growth spurt since our doors were last open!

Any personal menu recommendations? 

Alternative milks are becoming more widespread but Anchorhead Coffee goes a step beyond the trend with our eccentrically green Pistachio Matcha drink. Organic matcha tea, liquefied pistachio nuts and a hint of vanilla bean are a perfect complement to any drizzly Washington morning. If coffee isn't your jam, order a Shy Bear Fog - a delicious combination of Oolong, oat milk and burnt honey that wraps around your taste buds like a warm hug! Or, go back to the basics with our single-origin pour-over coffee or try your favorite drink order and taste the difference in our quality and preparation!

Where are your go-to places for happy hour bites and drinks? 

Highly recommend Tavern Hall for some unbeatable fried pickle chips! Just enough crunch and still juicy in the center!

Favorite spot for a lunch break?

I am always so impressed with the service and ingredients at FOB POKE in the Expedia building. The staff are friendly and incredibly quick, too!

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