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Person Behind the Place: Shawn Nickerson

March 2, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

Person Behind the Place:
Shawn Nickerson

Owner & Operator | Café Cesura

Coffee may be the thing that gets most of us going in the morning, but that’s certainly the case for Café Cesura owner Shawn Nickerson. He’s built his business around the idea of community; the café serves as a hub for artists, working professionals, and a place to form connections – or “coffee friends” as he calls them. We caught up with Shawn to learn what he loves about Downtown and where we might find him around the Heart of Bellevue:

What do you love about working Downtown?
Since I opened up shop in 2011, it’s been a ride serving the city coffee! I’ve been brewing single origin espresso, coffee that can be traced directly to its harvest as easily as pointing on a map. Over the years, I’ve cultivated meaningful relationships with farmers from around the globe... I love creating connections in Bellevue because my customers are second to none! Downtown Bellevue is clean, safe, and a great place to grow your roots in an emerging, international city. For me, Bellevue stands apart because of its residents and leaders' personal commitment to our collective success.

Anything special going on at Café Cesura?
I’ve been roasting for about three years now and hope to eventually expand to two or three locations. Please join our loyalty program at the register, and use code BELLEVUECOFFEE for a discount at when you place your order! 

Favorite places to shop?
I can usually be found at one of the home décor and kitchenware stores in the Bellevue Collection.

Favorite places to dine?
I highly recommend Cielo Cocina just up the street for Mexican fare! 

Favorite places to hang out?
While I’m saddened Lot No.3 and Purple won’t be around anymore, Black Bottle has a nifty spot for grubbing on gastropub bites and grabbing drinks with friends. 

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