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PSE offers ways to reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Month

April 16, 2019 - by Guest Blog, BDA Member Puget Sound Energy

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As people throughout the region and all over the world celebrate Earth Month, Puget Sound Energy has already been working on ways to reduce its carbon footprint and it wants to help customers do the same. PSE offers several programs that customers can take advantage of, so they can save energy and make their homes more efficient.

Switch to LED lights
Replace inefficient light bulbs with LEDs. Switching to LEDs may seem like a small change, but they can make a big impact, both for your home and the environment. Compared to CFLs or incandescent bulbs, LEDs provide higher quality lighting, have a longer lifespan, and contain zero toxic elements. Look for everyday instant discounts and special offers on LEDs at participating retail stores.

Install a ductless heat pump system 
With summer right around the corner, some of you might be looking to install air conditioners to keep your homes cool. While effective, these often use unnecessary energy. As a replacement, PSE suggests installing a ductless heat pump system. These come standard with the added benefit of air conditioning that evenly circulates air, using between 25 and 50 percent less energy. 

Conserve water
In addition to ensuring a sustainable water supply for generations to come, water conservation also has many energy-saving benefits. In most cases, electricity or gas is used to heat water, so the less water you and your family use, the less energy is needed. One simple way you can save water and energy is to install WaterSense® labeled showerheads and faucet aerators. A standard showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute whereas a WaterSense labeled showerhead will use no more than 2 gallons per minute. That’s a big savings!

Home Energy Assessment
Did you know that Puget Sound Energy offers free home energy assessments for customers? That means a certified member of our Energy Assessment team will come out to your home and help you find ways to lower your energy bill while identifying efficiency upgrade opportunities. 

You’ll receive a customized summary of recommended energy efficiency upgrades, information about energy efficient equipment rebates from PSE and contractor referrals for future upgrades, and helpful energy efficiency tips. 

Find out how your home can be more energy efficient and even sign up to get a free home energy assessment at 

Sign up for a renewable program
PSE also offers renewable programs, like Green Power and Solar Choice, that will help you invest in renewable energy sources. For more information on these programs, visit

Each step we take together will help preserve and protect our environment for future generations. Working in partnership today, we can create a better energy future.