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Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings at Topolino's

October 3, 2020 - by Mona Ghorbani

Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings at Topolino's

Safe to say, pizza is one those foods that’s perfect for the weekend. Whether you opt for a thin crust or a thick, fluffy garlic crust - red sauce, alfredo sauce or pesto - the options are endless. Although Bellevue doesn’t have a pizza named after it (hey, we can’t compete with Chicago or New York’s pizza reputation here), we’re pretty lucky Topolino’s has some of the most authentic Neapolitan pies in the area.

Caryl Abergel and her husband opened Topolino’s doors in 1995 on Third Ave in Downtown Seattle, before selling that location and opening in Bellevue in 2002. After spotting the ‘perfect’ space, the pizza power duo, Alongside Zach El Mariah, have mastered the hearts of the locals when it comes to pizza.

The perfect Topolino’s pie consists of a combination of savory meats and vegetables, whole milk mozzarella, and homemade plum tomato sauce - but that’s not their only best seller! Try their meatball subs, made with fresh homemade bread stuffed with meatballs, rich and flavorful marinara and topped with fresh herbs and the perfect amount of cheese.

“We make 100 lbs of fresh dough daily, using top quality ingredients,” Abergel said. “Our famous meatballs come from New York and our sausage for our pizza is the sliced variety not crumbed.”

They also have added vegan and gluten free options.

Since the pandemic, Topolino’s has seen a loss for most of their corporate catering and walk in lunch traffic. The volume and size of orders have significantly decreased, given their location amongst office buildings now closed during the pandemic.

“We were never closed, after all, pizza is an essential business,” Abergel said. “While other restaurants were struggling with switching to take out and delivery, we were lucky to have no problem - delivery and pick up is in pizza’s DNA.”

One way to stay connected with customers was through their Facebook page where they could easily disseminate hours of operation. Overall, Abergel appreciates how their customers supported the business and represent Bellevue’s diverse community.

“On any single day we meet people from all over the world, whether they are working, visiting, attending conferences or driving over from Seattle and other outlying areas for our pizza,” Abergel said.

Of course, cleanliness is key to the business. You’s see everyone wearing a mask and gloves, consistently cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and the few tables after every use. If you decide to ditch take out and enjoy the last days of summer outdoors, they also offer patio dining. 

So whatever your weekend plans may be, remember - pizza is waiting. Kickback and relax, grab your favorite bottle of wine and ditch the kitchen. Topolino’s has you covered for a quick casual fix.

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