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Taking a Look at the State of the City: Highlights from our Livestreamed Event

July 30, 2020 - by Mason Luvera

Taking a Look at the State of the City: Highlights from our Livestreamed Event

From a budget shortfall to social unrest, Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson and Deputy Mayor Jared Nieuwenhuis shared insights on our community’s challenges and strategies for the future at this morning’s State of the City livestream. Whether you couldn’t tune in live or just want to revisit what you learned, here are three takeaways (to start) from the hour-long discussion.

Growing our Economy While Building Equity
Prior to COVID-19, Bellevue’s economy was growing at an unprecedented rate. That growth continues today, but so does the need to ensure Bellevue is an inclusive and equitable place. Here’s what Mayor Robinson sees as City of Bellevue priorities and opportunities:

Small Business Support and COVID-19 Recovery
It’s a safe bet to say COVID-19 has impacted us all. Small business owners and employees have been especially hard-hit, however. Mayor Robinson explained how the City is responding and how the Bellevue business community is stepping up to support small organizations through this time.

Social Justice and Public Safety
Protests across the country have demanded change for a more just and equitable nation, with systemic racism and police brutality leading the conversation. After peaceful protests were met with looters in Downtown Bellevue earlier this year, Deputy Mayor Nieuwenhuis addressed the importance of social change, the Bellevue Police Department’s commitment to equally serving the community and the City’s response to property crime and damage.

Those are just a few highlights from the insightful discussion. While so much is still unknown and the impacts of COVID-19 continue, both Mayor Robinson and Deputy Mayor Nieuwenhuis provided a look into the City’s plan for action, lessons learned along the way and what they see as Bellevue’s future. Curious for more? Watch the full conversation on the State of the City virtual event page.


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