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Time to Indulge: 7 of the Best Dessert Spots in Downtown Bellevue

January 13, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Time to Indulge: 7 of the Best Dessert Spots in Downtown Bellevue  

One of the few hallowed secrets known in adulthood is that dessert can be enjoyed at any time of day. Whether those stolen moments of joy are found in a flecked pastry from your favorite corner bakery or by capping a night out on the town with a frozen treat served in a cone. Ease back into your work routine after this holiday hiatus with a few of these sweet tooth suggestions in the #HeartofBellevue community: 

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream 

If the syrupy aroma of batter sizzling on a waffle iron isn’t enough to lure you inside, then the fourteen scrumptious flavors on display, including four rotated seasonally, will certainly do the trick! We recommend trying Cocoa Crispy Milk for a taste of childhood nostalgia, (almost as satisfying as slurping down the last few drops of your favorite toasted chocolate cereal.) 

Dairy alternatives, like the Lemon Bar and Coconut Chunk vegan varieties, are equally delicious and suited for any craving! 

Address: 10045 NE 1st St UNIT CU2 

Sugar n Flakes Bakery 

Between the colorful assortment of freshly baked pastries and custom designs, “the ultimate fusion of delicious taste with style and elegance” is exactly what your senses are destined to discover here. With enough icing and filling options to leave your head woozy and stomach more than a little hungry, we suggest a decorative gluten-free cupcake – a boon for special occasions and ordinary afternoon errands alike. 

Address: 227 Bellevue Way NE 

Fogrose Atelier 

Aside from decadent cakes served whole and by the slice, one other treat that prickles our tastebuds in anticipation are the deconstructed ice cream kits, complete with your choice of sauces, meringue and other tasteful toppings, several nitro pints, waffle containers and macarons to boot! 

For customized kits, email  

Orders must be placed at least 24 hours prior to anticipated pickup timeframe. 
Pickup window: 4pm to 5pm, Wednesday through Sunday. 

Address: 10606 NE 2nd Street 

Dote Coffee Bar 

Grab a jar of velvety ganache blended with unique flavors like hazelnut and turmeric, whipped up by Ewald Notter, renowned chocolatier and a friendly face behind the counter. Stir a spoonful into hot beverages or spread a dollop on your morning muffin or Brown Butter Almond Cake, fresh from the oven! 

Address: 500 Bellevue Way NE 

Belle Pastry 

Indulge in your next “Bridgerton” binge session with delectable petit fours or a Galette des Rois, a traditional celebratory cake befitting regal events – even ones in which sweatpants replace silk gowns and your armchair serves as a noble throne. 

Address: 10373 Main Street 

The French Bakery 

Treat yourself to a refined (and affordable) journey abroad with exquisitely crafted desserts like an éclair, almond pear tartlet or mille-feuille (a stodgy treat with thin layers of puff pastry and custard, whipped cream or fruit) that may or may not induce daydreams of a bustling Parisian plaza. Located in Elements Apartments. 

Address: 909 112th Ave NE #106 

Lady Yum 

In addition to its marvelous year-round macarons, keep your eyes peeled for the exclusive seasonal and monthly flavors added to its selection. Choose from a classic medley or build your own mélange -- might we suggest Cherry Coconut Cordial, or a curious rainbow confetti concoction called Shindig – a splendid choice for such a thing! All macarons are also gluten-free (unless otherwise noted). 

Address: 138 Bellevue Square 


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