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Standing Together Against Racism and Social Inequities

June 11, 2020

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June 11, 2020

Dear BDA Community,

Platitudes and promises bear little weight at this point. Words need trust. And we earn trust through action. We must act. 

As for our words today, joining the voices of many, we stand against systemic racism and inequities. Unjust and violent treatment of Black people in America is unacceptable and must end.

The Bellevue Downtown Association’s work, going back five decades, is about building a strong, healthy Downtown, benefiting our city and region. However, prioritizing inclusion and disrupting racial inequities have not been stated aims of the BDA. To help create a stronger, more just and inclusive place, they need to be.

We have critical work to do. The BDA will reach out to and work with our members and community partners who focus on social justice and equity issues. This complements the City of Bellevue's pledge to review their public safety policies and identify ways to better serve the community. Together we can provide new opportunities to learn how we can be a more active, positive force for change.

Downtown Bellevue also feels the acute trauma of the pandemic and recent property crimes. This is a pivotal time for our members and our city. We must confront discrimination and racism in all forms, while also recovering our economy. 

We will continue to invite hope, healing and understanding. And we invite you to join us by sharing your perspective – we will lead with a listening ear as we walk the path before us.

Jill Scheuermann
Chair, Board of Directors
Bellevue Downtown Association
Patrick Bannon
Bellevue Downtown Association