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Curb Management

Managing Downtown's curb spaces has become an increasing challenge with emerging uses and actictives competing to access curb areas. Downtown's 600' x 600' block system means there's less curb space, further complicating the issue. In 2022, the City of Bellevue embarked on developing an adaptive Curb Management Plan (CMP) that can reorganize how spaces are used in a dynamic way that safely optimizes the flow people and good interacting with the curb. The BDA Transportation Committee dedicated a commensurate amount of time and effort tracking the work and engaging the City with developing the plan.

The BDA supports a CMP that successfully optimizes movement of people and goods in a manner that supports economic activity, vibrant public spaces, safe walkable streets, and multimodal access and permeability. This objective aligns with the BDA's 2022 Strategic Plan and 2019-2023 Downtown Access Strategy.

2022 BDA Strategic Plan
(Goal 3.5) Influence long-term positive outcomes of the Downtown Curb Management plan through coordination with the City, property owners, tenants, and private transit operators.

In April of 2023, the BDA Board of Directors endorsed the BDA Transportation Committee's work which included recommendations on the draft CMP and engagement strategy for how the BDA will track implementation based on the committee's work to ensure desired outcomes. 

CMP Resources