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  • Monday, Apr 23, 2018 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

WSDOT representatives will discuss the Environmental Assessment of the I-405 projects: Renton to Bellevue Widening and Express Toll Lanes. While construction is expected to begin in 2019, WSDOT is collecting input on the assessed projects up until 5/2/2018. This upcoming committee meeting will allow members to review the projects and provide feedback for a BDA message. 

I-405 Project Highlights

  • Dual express toll lane system from SR 167 in Renton to Northeast Sixth Street in Bellevue
  • New southbound auxiliary lane in the I-90 to 112th Avenue Southeast vicinity
  • Improvements at interchanges, including Northeast Park Drive and Northeast 44th Street in Renton, and 112th Avenue Southeast and Coal Creek Parkway in Bellevue
  • Construction of portions of the Eastside Rail Corridor regional trail, including a 2.5-mile paved section and a new crossing over I-405 at the site of the former Wilburton rail bridge 
  • New direct access ramp and inline transit station at NE 44th Street in Renton to help support Bus Rapid Transit operations (in partnership with Sound Transit) 

Members at BDA Transportation Committee meeting will also review and discuss the 2019-2030 Transportation Facilities Plan (TFP) update. Joining us will be City Staff who will provide details about the candidate projects proposed for TFP update, with a specific focus on Downtown. This will be a good opportunity to learn about the TFP and share feedback on project prioritization. For an overhead look at the projects, visit the interactive online map.

TFP Background Information
Typically updated every two to three years, the Transportation Facilities Plan is a "financially constrained" plan; the identified cost of the projects in the TFP must be balanced with the city’s transportation revenue projections for the 12-year plan period. It includes high-priority projects from long-range plans (such as the Downtown Transportation Plan Update, the Transit Master Plan and the Ped-Bike Plan) and projects that address emerging needs and opportunities. (learn more)

Subject 1: I-450: Renton to Bellevue Widening and Express Toll Lanes
Subject 2: Transportation Facilities Plan Update | Review & Discussion   
Co-Chairs: Amy Carlson & Susan Stead
Guests 1: WSDOT Staffe     
Guests 2: Mike Ingram, Senior Planner and Kristi Oosterveen, Management Policy Analyst
Date: Monday, April 23, 2018        
Time: Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Location: Bellevue Downtown Association, Second Floor Conference Room

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