Transportation Committee

Tracking the latest information, discussing issues, and advocating positions on issues and projects that impact Downtown Bellevue's mobility network. The BDA Transportation Committee is lead by BDA Board members Amy Carlson of Jacobs and Susan Stead of Parker, Smith & Feek. Together, they establish the agendas, facilitate meetings, and represent the Committee work at the Board meetings. 

Updating the BDA Downtown Access Strategy


The BDA Downtown Access Strategy was adopted by the Board of Directors in 2011 to serve as a guiding document for advocacy efforts regarding mobility issues. Since then, population and job growth has increased trips, City and regional mobility initiatives have been implemented and new technologies have emerged. In 2016, the BDA Board adopted the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan which identified updating the Downtown Access Strategy as a key initiative to respond to these changes. The BDA Transportation Committee is tasked with evaluating mobility challenges, identifying investment priorities, and drafting a recommendation for an updated Downtown Access Strategy. 

Want to join the Committee? Contact Matt Jack, BDA Policy Manger to be added to list for updates. 




MEETING #1: Level Setting & Learning 
Thursday, September 20, 2018 
Noon - 1:30pm 
Bellevue Downtown Association  
5th Floor Conference Room

  • Introduce Downtown Access Strategy scope and objective
  • BDA Staff: Process, Plans, and Uses 
    • Explain the history of the strategy and how it’s been used in the past
    • Member Feedback with Prompt: What do you want the strategy to accomplish? How should it be used?
  • City Staff: High-level overview of the City’s current policy and project approach to improving downtown mobility 
    • Note key initiatives, challenges, and priorities
    • Member Q&A

MEETING #2: Show & Tell + Work Session 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 
Noon - 1:30pm 
Bellevue Downtown Association 
1st Floor Conference Room

  • Member Show & Tell: Members are invited (and granted time) to present their findings/research on Downtown mobility priorities
  • Member Discussion & Feedback: Identify key draft points or changes for the Downtown Access Strategy

Interim Between Meetings 2 & 3:

  • BDA staff will draft an updated Downtown Access Strategy based on Committee Member feedback. 
  • Staff may also survey the membership and share the results with the committee.   

MEETING #3: Work Session
Thursday, November 15, 2018 
Noon - 1:30pm 
Bellevue Downtown Association
5th Floor Conference Room

  • BDA Staff: Present a draft updated version of the Downtown Access Strategy
  • Committee Member Discussion & Feedback: Committee members will review and gather consensus on a final recommendation to be transmitted to the Board

MEETING #4: TBD - An additional meeting will added to series if needed. 


BDA Members Active in the Committee

Active organizations receive regular updates, resource materials, meeting invitations, and channels to communicate feedback. To join the committee, please make the request to Matt Jack, BDA Policy Manager

Future Meeting Subjects

  • I-405 - The Committee will continue to track the build out progress of the I-405 Master Plan and decisions regarding the express toll lanes. 
  • Downtown Transportation Plan - The BDA will engage the City in discussions to ensure the plan accommodates growth.    
  • Bicycle Rapid Implementation Program - The BDA will represent downtown stakeholder interests in the City's plan to complete the bike network with a route through Downtown Bellevue. To read more about the Committees's work, visit Bike Infrastructure Series.     


(2011) BDA Downtown Access Strategy 
(May 2, 2018)
BDA Letter to WSDOT re I-405 Toll Lane Expansion Environmental Assessment 
(January 5, 2018) BDA Position re 108th Demo Bike Lane and Dockless Bike Share 

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