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855 106th Ave NE
Suite 150
Bellevue, WA 98004
(425) 462-4295

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PACE’s broad mission is to transform lives and enrich our community by presenting artistic, cultural, educational, and entertainment experiences of the highest quality to all within its reach.

The Eastside is the home of innovative thinking and the new technologies that are changing the world. Drawing inspiration and expertise from their community, PACE will develop and launch the first true Cultural Hub of the 21st Century’s “Experience Age”, and create the new model for the rest of the world to follow.

Performing Arts Center Eastside

The  Performing Arts Center Eastside (PACE) will be located in the center of the Bellevue business and shopping district: at the corner of NE 10th Street and 106th Avenue NE, conveniently situated between I-405, I-90, and SR-520, along a major bus route, and only a short walk from the downtown transit center. This central location offers thousands of people who live, work, and visit Downtown Bellevue convenient access to the performing arts. A network of sky bridges, sidewalks, and underground tunnels will connect the center with more than 200 retail stores, dozens of fine restaurants, and 1,300 first-class hotel rooms, all within walking distance. This energetic, pedestrian-friendly urban center promises an exciting atmosphere and an unforgettable theater experience.

This project is a massive public and private investment. The team is undergoing a capital campaign to bring this vision to life. 

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PACE will be framed by alternating panels of stone, hanging like stage curtains across its façade to create a theatrical illusion, as if patrons are strolling onstage and off. Walls of coppered glass sparkle in the night. Light peeks through asymmetrical “curtains” parted at its corners, beckoning the passerby to enter and be enchanted.

Pfeiffer Partners Architects is internationally celebrated for its cultural facilities. They start from a simple idea: buildings are metaphorical and should look like what they aspire to be. A performing arts center should distinguish itself from the practical urban architecture that surrounds it, and suggest its unique purpose. A home of creativity. A venue for inspiration and entertainment. A place for community gathering.

  • Performing arts center with approximately 2,000 seats
  • 3 levels of underground parking

Preview Center

Located in the Wintergarden Atrium of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, our preview center is filled with floorplans, materials, carpets, architectural models, and a video montage of the kinds of artists and entertainers you can expect to see at PACE. Featuring wall-size renderings of the Concert Hall and Studio Theatre along with Concert Hall seats. It’s a 24/7 showroom window on the exciting future in store for regional audiences.

Schedule a tour between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

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