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Schnitzer West, LLC

Category Architecture & Development

11820 Northup Way
Suite E300
Bellevue, WA 98005
(206) 626-3700

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Schnitzer West, LLC was formed in 1997 by Dan Ivanoff, an active regional real estate developer as the managing operating partner, and Ken Novack, CEO of Schnitzer Investment Corp (now MMGL Hold Co LLC) as the funding capital partner, together executing commercial real estate investment and development activities in the Puget Sound and Denver regional market areas.  

From the beginning, the company took a bold approach to real estate, researching and rethinking every aspect of property development and management from the tenants’ perspective. Then it designed innovative buildings that delivered new amenities, enhanced services and more efficiency. The result? Greater value for tenants and ultimately for investors as well. Its first urban office development, Civica Office Commons, set a new standard for functionality and introduced the Schnitzer Great Room – a concept that has been often imitated, but never effectively duplicated. Since then, Schnitzer West has grown to become one of the West Coast’s leading real estate developers and managers, recognized for forward-looking, tenant-focused properties that deliver unmatched efficiency, functionality and quality.

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