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City Reissues Curfew Orders for the Downtown Area

June 1, 2020 - by Mason Luvera

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City Reissues Curfew Orders for the Downtown Area

Please Note: the City has lifted the Downtown curfew. Read the latest post for more information.


Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson announced that the Downtown Bellevue area will be under curfew again tonight, spanning 5:00pm June 1 to 5:00am June 2. The curfew was reissued out of precaution for continued public disturbances in the Downtown area.

"The curfew states no person – with the exception of law enforcement and other emergency response personnel, government officials and authorized media – shall enter or remain in the public right of way, public parks or any other public place as bounded approximately on the west by 100th Avenue Northeast, on the south by Main Street/Southeast First Street, on the east by 120th Avenue Northeast/Northeast First Street and on the north by Northeast 12th Street (see map.)"

Curfew orders don't apply to those traveling to and from work, those experiencing homelessness, anyone escaping dangerous circumstances, or those seeking necessary medical services. 

The City is also recommending that businesses close early this evening and take precautions to protect their storefronts, buildings and property. The Bellevue Downtown Association joins the city in these recommendations.

The reissued curfew follows yesterday's civil emergency declaration after widespread property damage and looting occurred. The Bellevue Police Department and the National Guard are mobilized in preparation to respond to activity in the area.

For more information on the curfew, see the City of Bellevue's full announcement.