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Hello Again, Bellevue: Where to De-Stress in Downtown

September 13, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

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Where to De-Stress in Downtown Bellevue

Returning to the office, a new commute, juggling schedules, child care, and oh-- a pandemic? Life can be stressful. Thankfully, there are many businesses in Downtown Bellevue that help alleviate the stresses of life. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Here are some of our favorite de-stressing services and events that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Relax With Float Seattle in Bellevue

Let’s face it, we’re distracted, over-stimulated, over-stressed and at odds with each other and ourselves sometimes when it comes to working. It’s part of life. Float Seattle offers a unique service called float therapy, a non-pharmaceutical option for treating anxiety, stress and chronic pain. The experience involves a 10” tank filled with advanced filtered water and 1,000 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt which allows you to easily float. It sounds simple, but the results are extraordinary. The benefits include creativity boost, improved sleep and general self-improvement overall. Book your first-time float for only $45, or sign up for a "frequent floater" membership. Visit their website to book an appointment and learn more.

De-Stress At RECOOP Spa

Head to Bellevue Way and discover RECOOP, a modern luxury spa that was created with the understanding that people live busy lives and need a bit of physical and mental maintenance. Explore a range of services and treatments, including massages, facials, body treatments and more. RECOOP strives to personalize an experience for anyone that walks through their door. Specialized packages include a Rest for the Weary package where you receive a 60-minute massage and a revitalizing facial and pedicure, or try the 90-minute Recoop Revival package that offers a hot stone massage and other helpful services. Book appointments online.

Loosen Up With Events Around Town.

Sometimes going out may be the answer to calming your brain. There are many fun events around Bellevue to take your mind away from work. Get tickets to KidsQuest's Clay & Cocktail gathering on Sept. 24 where you’ll learn to create beautiful clay leaf bowls while cozying down with a cocktail. Learn from different professional chefs at a cooking class at Whisk. Choose from a variety of classes, from deep-dish Chicago pizza making to baking French macarons. Sit back at a live performance during the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Music Series next month, or grab a seat at Resonance Events and enjoy live music. See all the community events coming up on our calendar.

Sweat It Out at City Sweats Bellevue

Experience the healing power of infrared sweat therapy at City Sweats. As a business steeped in the community, City Sweats wants everyone to make sweat therapy a regular part of their wellness routine. When we sweat, it allows the body to become normalized again and forces a healthy detox. There’s no harm in exploring different ways to help you get back to work better than ever - step into the sauna cabin and lean into the sweat experience.

City Sweats also offers a unique acupuncture service, a key component of traditional Chinese medicine where thin needles are inserted into specific parts of the body to help you relax. Learn more about it on their website.

Burn off the pressure with TruFusion

Quiet and slow isn’t for everyone. For those who need a more intense stress reliever, TruFusion is the place. This all-encompassing fitness and yoga boutique is disrupting the industry nationwide. The TruFusion franchise has developed its popularity by offering the largest array of training, workshops and group classes taught by celebrated industry professionals. Classes involve boot camp style workouts, pilates, circuit training yoga and much more. Become a member and have access to dozens of classes from early morning to late-night sessions to accommodate your schedule.

This blog is part of the Heart of Bellevue: our campaign to showcase local businesses while connecting you with stories of activity, creativity and recovery. Find out about our campaign and explore more of what’s happening around Downtown.