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Looking Ahead to 2021... A Message from the BDA President

January 1, 2021 - by Patrick Bannon

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As the New Year begins, most of us experience a charge of fresh energy. That voice inside urges, "Now is the time… pursue better health, get more organized, take action on what really matters. We can do it!" Like you, we are leaning into the hope and optimism offered by 2021. 

Last year gave us all a decade’s worth of difficulties as we simply kept striving to do our best in the face of never-ending change and challenge. Thank you for standing strong in support of one another, the Bellevue Downtown Association, and our community.

Backed by our members and in partnership with the City of Bellevue, the BDA launched the Heart of Bellevue and Season of Cheer campaigns to promote the businesses, places, and organizations that serve our city. These new platforms told, and continue to showcase, stories of over 200 Downtown businesses with original online content.    

Our organization’s efforts link to the work of many other groups, all of us shifting gears to speed Bellevue’s recovery and respond to the needs of businesses and residents. We’re energized by what we’ve learned and by the increasingly apparent signs of progress and resilience.

Downtown Bellevue is paddling out to catch and ride the oncoming wave of meaningful growth. The BDA will stay focused on advocacy, access, and the basics of the built environment. Or, as some say, "the roads, codes and activity nodes." Sound fundamentals of Downtown programming and placemaking remain high priorities.

In the last year, we’ve seen more than ever how the collaboration, compassion, and shared wisdom from the "people behind the place" matters. The strength of our human connections will continue to inspire the work of the BDA – it truly is what sets Downtown Bellevue apart.

We’re so grateful for our community and BDA members, your generosity and continued leadership. Here’s to YOU, and a Healthier, Happier New Year! 

Patrick Bannon
President  |  Bellevue Downtown Association