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Make Bellevue a Safe Place with the Bellevue Police Department

May 7, 2018 - by Emma Sullivan

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Make Bellevue a Safe Place with the Bellevue Police Department

Emma Sullivan, May 7, 2018

Bellevue is a beautiful city to live, work, and play in. One of our strengths is our diversity - in every sense of the word. 

Embracing, celebrating, and protecting our diversity is incredibly important. To this end, if you've ever wondered what you or your place of work can do to be an ally, you should check out the Bellevue Police Department's "Safe Place" Initiative

What is BPD Safe Place? 

A city wide initiative designed to assist victims of crime (anti-LGBTQ crime specifically) and to encourage the reporting of these crimes; to reduce LGBTQ student bullying; and to enhance the collaboration between the community and the Bellevue Police Department to make Bellevue a safer place to live, work, and thrive.

What does it mean to become a safe place? 

By becoming a Safe Place, you are offering your business as a safe location for individuals to visit if they feel they have become a victim of anti-LGBTQ crime. Your business will also be a conduit for resources about safety information. 

How do I become a BPD Safe Place participant?

Simply log onto, fill out and press “submit”. This will forward the information directly to the BPD’s LGBTQ liaison officer who will deliver your materials to your location and further train you and/or your staff on the BPD SAFE PLACE concept.  (NOTE: This program is not designed for residential use).

What are my responsibilities? 

Although the BPD SAFE PLACE program is FREE and voluntary, it is important that you educate your staff regarding their responsibilities: 

  • If a crime victim enters your premise your staff should call 911 immediately on the victim’s behalf and allow the victim to remain on your premise until police arrive. 
  • If the victim leaves prior to police arrival, re-contact 911 and update the operator with the victim’s and / or suspect’s description and direction of travel.
    **As with any emergency situation your staff should use due care and caution when providing the victims of crime safe shelter while being mindful of the safety of patrons, co-workers and compliance with company policy.

Bellevue Needs You! 

The City of Bellevue Police Department is seeking more businesses to become designated safe places. If you think your business is a good fit, please consider becoming a participant

What if I need more decals, posters, or information? 

Check out the website or email Officer Molly McCormack. 

NOTE: Although the titles are similar, the symbolism and mission are not. The National Safe Place program and logo is specifically designed for youth (12 -17) who are homeless, runaways, in crisis and/ or in need of shelter or other services. In Bellevue, this program is operated by YOUTH CARE, Auburn Youth Services & Friends of Youth, and offers a toll- free hotline for youth to call for help.  1-800-422-TEEN.