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Making the Most of My Morning Commute

March 15, 2018 - by Emma Sullivan

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Making the Most of My Morning Commute 

Emma Sullivan, March 15, 2018

Although I normally ride the bus to the office (here in Downtown Bellevue), I will drive in once in a blue moon when I need a car for some reason. Every time I have to drive to work, it drives me nuts. 

I commute from Mercer Island and while the driving time is similar, when you factor in having to find a parking spot, not being able to use the carpool lane, and having to walk from the parking garage, it's actually much faster for me to just hop on and off the bus. 

I'm not saying that it will be faster for everyone to take public transit. I know that I'm one of the lucky ones in this sense. However, there are so many great reasons to take public transit even if it makes your commute a little more complicated. If you look into it, you might even find that your commute is made easier by not driving.

Here are some of the reasons why I love taking the bus: 

  • Helps the environment - I log my commute online and only halfway through March, I've already saved 3 gallons of gasoline and 40 pounds of carbon! That's 960 pounds of carbon in a year! 
  • Helps my wallet - My commute log shows that I've saved $19 so far this month by not driving - by the end of the month I'll have paid for my coffee for the month! My job pays for my orca pass so the savings are even better (ask your employer if they subsidize Orca cards - you'll find that a lot of them do)! On top of that, I'm not putting wear and tear on a car by driving it. 
  • Increase productivity - Since I don't have to focus on driving, I can focus on other things! My commute can be spent catching up on the latest podcast, checking my email, reading a book, or (as often happens) sneaking in some extra sleep! It's so nice not having to focus on the road. 
  • Free rewards - just for logging your commute, you can get entered to win free stuff (ex. REI giftcards, Amazon gift cards, gas cards, bus passes and more!) You also get monthly discounts to local restaurants and businesses. There are lots of options for bus riders as well as people who use other forms of commuting (vanpool, biking, etc.). Sign up now - who doesn't like free stuff? 

Tips to Get Started:

"When you're sitting in your car complaining about traffic, just remember - you are traffic." - a brilliant coworker of mine