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Reigniting Downtown's Music Scene with Bellevue Beats

March 30, 2021 - by Mason Luvera

Reigniting Downtown's Music Scene with Bellevue Beats

Whether it’s the deep sounds of a packed show or the sultry vibes of a jazz-filled cocktail bar, live music is one Downtown experience we can’t wait to enjoy again. That’s why we’re excited to reignite the Heart of Bellevue’s music scene with our newest (and biggest) concert series yet… introducing Bellevue Beats!

Spanning April 7 through this fall, Bellevue Beats will showcase a diverse lineup of genres and performers with live concerts each week recorded at Brio Apartments in the Heart of Bellevue. Shows will stream online every Wednesday at noon – with in-person outdoor Summer Sessions beginning in July! It’s our way of bringing live music back to the sun-filled spaces of Downtown, or wherever you’re comfortable tuning in.

The lineup includes celebrated local acts as well as new performers. You’ll hear the sounds of acclaimed Blues performer Brian Butler to folk-country duo The W Lovers, among others. Check out the full lineup and get those shows marked on your calendar.

“Bellevue Beats is our way to resurface Downtown’s vibrant music scene while giving a new stage for local talent,” Mike Ogliore, VP of Events at the Bellevue Downtown Association, said. “Whether virtual or in-person, the Heart of Bellevue loves a good show.”

Bellevue Beats follows the success of last year’s Summer Music Series, where we took our popular Live at Lunch series virtual by streaming shows to your socially-distanced device of choice. While virtual shows are indeed a different experience, the collective hunger for local jams caught on none-the-less. Bellevue Beats aims to expand the experience and welcome a return to in-person performances when it’s safe to do so.  

Having the series to span seven months was both a way to keep live music flowing in the city and help our region’s talent. With pandemic restriction in place to keep folks safe, local musicians have been without the same collection of venues to show off their skill, and for many, make a living. 

"Thanks to Bellevue Beats, I’ve played my first paying gig in over a year," Fysah, the series' opener, said. "This gives me hope that there will always be a place for me and the music I create."

Ready to jam out? Fysah kicks off the first show on April 7 with her soulful vibes. All shows run from 12:00 - 1:00pm, every Wednesday (with those in-person shows on Thursdays starting in July). Get the details and see the full lineup on our Bellevue Beats event page! Cue the applause… 

This April through October, we’re live-streaming performances by local and regional artists for our Bellevue Beats series. From folk music to classic rock, the lineup changes each week – see who's playing and mark your calendars.

Bellevue Beats
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