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Scoop Offers Easy Alternative to Transit Starting January 29!

January 26, 2018 - by Melissa Torres

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Scoop Offers Easy Alternative to Transit Starting January 29! 

Melissa Torres. January 26, 2018

Parking in Downtown Bellevue is expensive and in high-demand for people that work, live and visit the area. The Bellevue Downtown Association's transportation-focused team, TransManage, is always looking for new methods and programs that work to ease congestion within the Downtown core and Bellevue at large.

When carpooling app, Scoop, announced that it would be launching a Bellevue extension this month, the TransManage team recognized this a possible solution to help ease the traffic in downtown. We teamed up with folks from Scoop to assist them in making the app a success in Bellevue.

Together, Scoop and TransManage hosted a Lunch and Learn for employers and property managers from Downtown Bellevue and the surrounding area. The event provided the attendees with Bellevue specific information and personalized consultations for all attendees.

Transmanage Lunch & Learn for Employers & Property Managers

What is Scoop? 

Scoop is the convenient and enjoyable way to carpool with co-workers and neighbors. Scoop aims to allow folks in the same area to be a part of something together with the hope of reducing traffic, easing the strain on parking, and ultimately making the experience of commuting into Bellevue more enjoyable for everyone who is going there. 

  • Schedule with ease - Separate AM and PM trips to fit your work schedule. Ride or drive to meet your daily needs. Carpoolers split the cost of the commute so everyone saves.
  • Trusted connections - Scoop brings together co-workers and neighbors who are going the same way. Vehicle history checks on every Driver.
  • Smart routes save time - Scoop’s algorithm identifies the most efficient door-to-door trip based on the fastest route, nearby carpoolers, carpool lanes, and more.

Scoop runs one of the most successful corporate carpooling programs in the US and is growing fast, with over 2M carpools joined to date across 130k+ users. Major employers using Scoop include T-Mobile, LinkedIn, and Swedish Medical.

Scoop launches in Bellevue on January 29th.

If you are interested in partnering with Scoop to improve your employees daily commute, please contact Marissa Fuhrer:

To learn more, visit the Scoop website:

Scoop Technologies

Bellevue, WA 98004

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