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Seattle Sun Light Spa Opens in Bellevue!

November 3, 2017 - by Emma Sullivan

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Seattle Sun Light Spa Opens in Bellevue! 

Seattle Sun Tan, a local Bellevue favorite for years, reopens as Seattle Sun Light Spa with renewed increased glamour and new offerings. 

Seattle Sun Tan has been a local favorite for years because of it's top-of-the-line service, clean facilities, friendly staff, convenient location and attention to quality. You may not know that the Bellevue location was actually the very first! This is why it's so exciting that our decade-long favourite has re-opened as Seattle Sun Light Spa. It's comforting knowing that they are building off of this foundation in creating the new space. 

While the other 34 Seattle Sun Tan stores in the region will remain the same, the Bellevue location is the only one that is undergoing this makeover.

What Additions Does it offer?

Safe, clinically validated light therapy and spa services that deliver non-invasive cosmetic improvement, wellness, rejuvenation, and immunity in addition to state-of-the-art sunbed & UV free spray tan & custom airbrush options. Offerings include:  

  • LED Red Light Photofacials (reduces wrinkles, fine lines, redness, hyperpigmentation)
  • LED Blue Light Photofacials (reduce existing acne & future breakouts by killing bacteria)
  • LED body contouring
  • Full Body Redl Light Therapy & massage system
  • Infrared Body Therapy (reduces body pain, improves flexibility, opens pores) 
  • LED-activated teeth whitening

Why the Change? 

According to Seattle Sun Tan representatives, the change was driven by customers. "Our customers have been asking for a variety of cosmetic services and products," said VP Marketing Gabe Goldberg. CEO Scott Swerland also stated that "as the demand for inclusive cosmetic, wellness and results oriented therapies and solutions continue to grow, our offerings will follow suit." 

As a business, it's important to avoid stagnation. Seattle Sun Light Spa is an awesome effort by the Seattle Sun Tan brand to play to its existing strengths while also introducing new technologies and offerings per the direction of the market. 

Get in on the Fun

Interested in checking out the new offerings? Seattle Sun Light Spa is hosting its Grand Re-opening party on Tuesday, November 14th!

  • Featuring a pop-up bubbly & sweets bar by Cafe Trophy
  • 1-week of FREE VIP MEMBERSHIP to event attendees
  • RSVP to snag a spot

Check out the invite below for more information! 

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Seattle Sun Light Spa
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Bellevue, WA 98004

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