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Stay Safe Outdoors!

March 19, 2018 - by Emma Sullivan

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Stay Safe Outdoors! 

It’s that time of year where we all get to stretch our legs, pack our bags, and start to explore the great outdoors. You should absolutely take advantage of everything that’s available at our backdoor. However, with adventures in the great outdoors come sprains, strains, broken bones, pneumonia, and more. While this shouldn't discourage you from enjoying the best of our region, it’s always a great idea to be prepared. 

Safety Tips for Outdoor Activities: 

  • Bring Lots of Water – Hydration cannot be overemphasized! 
  • Bring a Friend – Having someone with you reduces risk in case of something happening (and makes everything more fun). Don’t forget to tell someone where you’ll be going and what you’re doing. 
  • Pack Sustenance – A sandwich, nuts, energy bars… bring something to keep you going! Besides, there’s nothing like eating lunch looking over a lake or out at the mountains! 
  • Dress Appropriately – Bring sunscreen, wear a hat, check the weather ahead of time, and make sure you’re prepared with whatever you need for your activity of choice. 
  • Bring a First Aid Kit – You never know what you’ll need! If you have any medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes, make sure you bring the appropriate medication. 
  • Stay on the Trail – With uncharted territory comes unexpected problems. Stick to recommended areas and make sure you look up conditions of the planned route before you head out. 

In the case that you do need some extra care and attention, we’re lucky that Overlake Medical Center is in our backyard. Whether it be the 24/7 emergency services at its main campus in Downtown Bellevue, or its satellite clinics across the Eastside, Overlake is easily accessible.  

Maintaining readiness to respond to disasters, large or small, means continuous training as well as drills, equipment checks, coordination with other regional providers, constant communication with first responders, and facility upgrades to ensure that Overlake’s main campus and its satellite clinics remain on the cutting edge of emergency services.

Because emergency services are of such great importance, Overlake is dedicating the proceeds of this year’s gala fundraiser—the Bandage Ball—to ensure ongoing excellence in emergency care. If you would like to support world-class care in any emergency, right here in Bellevue, consider joining them on April 21, 2018. Learn more.

Overlake Medical Center & Clinics
1035 116th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004

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