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The Journey of Café Aloe: Bringing Hong Kong Bites to the Eastside

September 5, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

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The Journey of Café Aloe: 
Bringing Hong Kong Bites to the Eastside

Where else can you find delicious drinks and steamed piggy buns? Café Aloe began their humble beginnings in 2015. After working at their family-owned Dim Sum, co-founders Julie and John Wu knew they were meant to do more.

“We’ve always wanted to share our unique family recipes of Hong Kong pastries and bites with the community,” Julie said.

With a goal in mind, John and Julie set forth and began planning out their business. After looking at numerous locations, they decided to settle right in the Heart of Bellevue. Julie and John had a mission to not only provide high-quality food and drinks to the people on the Eastside, but create a perfect home away from home.

“Our initial thought of Café Aloe was that we wanted a place where people could come and enjoy the drinks and pastries while they relaxed and caught up with friends, family or work,” John said. “Seeing people leave happy is what keeps us going.”

Finding Something Special at Café Aloe

Not only will you find freshly brewed Hong Kong-style milk teas at Café Aloe, but you’ll also find freshly baked pastries every morning.

“We have so much more to come,” Julie said. “We want to continue expanding our menu with more unique pastries and bites. If things continue to do well, we could expand to another location.”

Try these popular items on the menu, recommended by the owner:

Piggy Bun

When life gives you buns, make them piggy buns! Café Aloe gets creative with their buns, filled with a choice of molten custard, custard, or taro paste filling.

Crispy Hong Kong Sandwich

Looking for the perfect breakfast sandwich to start your morning? Café Aloe has your back. This crispy sandwich is stacked with your choice of spam or sausage, eggs and cheese.


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