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The Spring District: Eastside's New Urban Neighborhood Welcomes All

July 14, 2021 - by Sandy Vo

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The Spring District:
The Eastside's New Urban Neighborhood Welcomes All


The Spring District has quickly emerged as a neighborhood designed for all lifestyles. Anything but average, the district is the epitome of a connected mixed-use neighborhood built for today’s work environment, modern residential life and retail galore. Project Developer Wright Runstad & Company is creating a place that draws people in to work, live and play by offering lively events and unique community spaces.

According to Linda Hoffner, a senior property manager at Wright Runstad & Company, the district wants people to come and feel like they found a hidden gem in Bellevue. Within the district lies a series of parks and open areas packed with activities like a bocce ball court, a life-sized chess board and ping pong tables for people to enjoy. Another community highlight is an array of edible gardens, accessible to everyone.

"On your way home or to the office, you can harvest some fruits and vegetables and use them to prepare your meal," Hoffner said.

For those who are more on-the-go, The Spring District has launched a rotating food truck program happening every week serving up endless choices. The district is excited to offer people a place where people can gather and experience a work-life neighborhood safely and comfortably, said Hoffner.

Partnerships: Farmers Market & Live Music

The Spring District has partnered with the Bellevue Farmers Market, and the Bellevue Downtown Association: Bellevue Beats Music Series to spotlight the neighborhood as a place that people want to visit.

“It’s kind of serendipitous timing. We’re now starting to have these events and roll things out in a time where the community really needs to come back together after the pandemic.” Hoffner said.

The Bellevue Farmers Market added Wednesday markets at The Spring District throughout the summer. Bellevue Beats outdoor concerts will also be presented alongside them with free music in the park from 12-1p.m.

Embracing Diversity in the District

According to Hoffner, The Spring District wants to welcome different groups of people in different phases of their life to create a diverse neighborhood full of rich culture and unique qualities. One of the district's main focuses has been the light rail station opening in 2023, allowing for better transportation opportunities for the greater community.

“You don’t have to live or work in The Spring District to come to The Spring District.” Hoffner said. “We want it to be a place where people come and gather because they know there’s a great retailer or a great market.”

Hoffner hopes to see the district as a destination place for those who want to stay close to downtown but crave the suburb feel.

"We're really proud of this vision that has been years in the making. To see it come to life now and to have maintained those crucial aspects of what we wanted in the community has been really important to us," Hoffner said.

Next time you’re in the district for work, a new home, or just to explore, there’s always something for everyone in Bellevue's new neighborhood.

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