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Titans FC Soccer Kicks it into High Gear

April 2, 2021 - by Brooke Wilson

Titans FC Soccer Kicks it into High Gear

Sights and sounds of spring have shown up in droves across the Pacific Northwest, from freshly trimmed grass to cherry blossoms and most recently, a resurgence in outdoor recreation! Although most of us are just emerging from hibernation, others like Titans FC - a local youth soccer club with premier programs suited for players of all backgrounds and skill levels - have braced the elements to build strength and stamina through dedicated practice on the field.

After living on the Eastside for over 20 years, Keenan Butler, the Assistant Director of Coaching for Titans FC, said he couldn’t imagine a better place to be.

“Personally, Bellevue stands out to me because it perfectly combines city life with recreation,” Keenan said. “We believe our club has grown in this environment because we focus on convenient, safe, and fun soccer programs to players of all skill levels.”

Since its 2013 launch with only a few teams under its ranks, Titans FC has ballooned to over 45 teams that serve over 1,000 club members across six different locations including the heart of Bellevue, although Keenan still recognizes where the collective success started.

“Bellevue is where our roots are and we could not be more grateful for this community,” Keenan said.

Curious to learn more about what Keenan and the Bellevue Titans have been up to lately, we reached out to hear his favorite destinations around town, how the organization pivoted its approach to fare COVID-19 and what the future has in store for Titans FC players!

BDA: How does Bellevue stand apart from other metro areas?
KB: Downtown Bellevue’s personal and professional amenities along with its extensive park system make it tough to ever want to leave. My dog and I will often spend weekends walking around Downtown Park and later stop by Gilbert’s on Main for breakfast, or 520 Bar & Grill for happy hour specials.

BDA: How has Titans FC adapted to challenges brought on by the pandemic?

KB: Although Titans FC has continued to develop and expand during the pandemic, there have been significant obstacles along the way. We were shut down for months before being able to return to practice. Through it all, our families have been flexible and supportive as we navigate this new world, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their encouragement. Our administrative team, coaching staff, and our Owner and Director of Coaching, Adam Nowland, have worked tirelessly to safely and responsibly keep players on the field so that these kids still have access to the exercise and socialization they desperately need. Without everyone totally invested and on board, it would have been near impossible to keep the club running smoothly.

BDA: Have there been any encouraging moments over the past year that reminded you to stay positive?

KB: As a youth soccer club, the biggest motivator has been the parents who have continued to entrust us with coaching their children. With all the uncertainty around the coronavirus, we have a massive responsibility to mitigate health hazards that we do not take lightly and ultimately, stands to reason why we still have a thriving business. There are also several local businesses that have collaborated with us to bolster our mission, like Prime 8 Consulting, bStrong Bellevue, KBC Advisors, Orthodontic Excellence, and Bellevue Lifespring.

BDA: Has your business launched any partnerships with nonprofits or made charitable contributions in the downtown neighborhood? Tell us more!

KB: Several months ago, our Medina Titans location organized a food drive in partnership with Bellevue Lifespring to help gather non-perishable food and toiletries for disadvantaged families in the Bellevue School District! Our food drive was able to collect over 1,200lbs of food and hygiene products that were delivered directly to the school district warehouse. On January 30, we started hosting a free soccer clinic that spanned four weeks for any local players who wanted to head outside and participate with friends! On Saturday mornings, players were welcomed at a multipurpose field in Medina Elementary School, just a couple minutes outside Downtown Bellevue, for these engaging and dynamic sessions.

BDA: What kind of growth would you like to see for Titans FC over the year ahead?

KB: I have been with Titans FC for five years now and the growth has been astronomical, but I honestly still feel like we are just getting started. We have endless opportunities for local soccer players between ages 4-18, and I expect our upcoming tryouts in April to have the biggest turnout in the history of our club. Again, our current triumphs are all thanks to our committed coaching staff, support from the community, and of course, our current club members.

BDA: Any exclusive promotions or offerings you would like to mention?

KB: Registration for our Summer/Fall season is currently open with tryouts scheduled to start in a few weeks! We intend to strictly follow all health and safety protocols issued by the governor. Also, take advantage of our Spring Break Camp for energetic, interactive training, running April 12-14 conveniently located near Downtown Bellevue for any interested players. For additional information, send your questions to 

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